Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Dog Song by Buck Pryor | Dog Song Saturday

It's Saturday, so time for a new dog song here at Talking Dogs.  We've got a good one for you today called... The Dog Song.  

I don't know why so many songwriters use this title - there must be hundreds of The Dog Songs.

Anyway, this original dog song is by singer songwriter Buck Pryor from his Roo album which is available on iTunes and Amazon.. If you'd like to sing along, scroll down below the video for the lyrics. 

Sit. Stay. Mellow out your day with The Dog Song by Buck Pryor.  Then fetch more dog song music videos here at Talking Dogs.  Every Saturday we feature original music written about dogs and the music videos are barking good!

The Dog Song lyrics ©Buck Pryer

I went outside, the sun was hard
When I threw my dogs in the yard
They looked so good runnin' around
Think I got the best dogs in town
You pick me up when I am blue
You love me honest, through and through
I fear not, when I'm with you
Wanted to say that you're a dream on a sunny day
That you're ice cream when skies are grey for me
I want you to know, I want you around everywhere I go
And I believe everyone should know, you see
I walked to town, had a look around
Too few folk with too many frowns
I picked up a paper, it was crap
Who said this, who said that
Whose boobs are big, whose chest is flat
But there's no crap when I'm with you
It feels so good to feel so true
You pick me up when I am blue


  1. Pretty much sums it up for all of us in (doggie) Blogville, doesn't it?!

  2. What a great song! It made me laugh as I read along with the lyrics! BOL!


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