Wednesday, November 25, 2015

First Snow of the Season | Wordless Wednesday

 Saturday morning we woke to a white out. It was beautiful, even though it had been too warm and most of the snow melted as it hit the ground.
 There was just enough of the white stuff to get a good snuffle going.
 Rudy has noticed I have the camera
which just might mean there are dog treats involved.
Nope. No yummy treats. Just the camera. 
What a disappointment.


  1. do you believe we had EIGHT inches!? Thankfully, it is all melting!

  2. I am so grateful its held off this long. I can deal with it coming after Thanksgiving. Last year we started before Halloween.

  3. I love the first snow. Actually I love snow, I just get tired of hiking through it and dragging all the sand and crap into the house.

    But there is nothing quite as peaceful and beautiful as walk in the woods during a snowfall.

  4. Snow fun! It's so sad to see pictures with only two dogs and I've always known you with three. Hugs during the holidays and days ahead friend.

  5. We are waiting for our first snow. Love wintertime!

  6. No treats! Well, we got 11 inches on Saturday, the rain kept turning back to snow and never stopped! It's starting to melt now. Love Dolly

  7. It looks like your dogs are enjoying themselves. Is this an early time for snow to fall in your area?


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