Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm Dog by Jester Jacobs - Dog Song Saturday

 Take a break from those Thanksgiving leftovers and the holiday shopping madness to join us for another Dog Song Saturday at Talking Dogs.

Today's dog song is an original rap song accompanied by a video filmed by a dog! Musician Jester Jacobs sings I’m Dog, a rap song from the perspective of a dog about going to the park, chewing on sticks, eating food, and just doing what dogs do.

Though, personally, I'm not a big fan of rap, when I heard this song I was thinking about my own dogs and how I'd like to be more like them.  They live in the moment and everything is great.  So, the lyrics of I'm Dog really caught my attention.
My bed is great, this car is great, inside is great, walking far is great, this toy I'm chewing is great, whatever it is your doing is great, you kick that ball so great, made it disappear no way! Laying on this chair is great, my food you prepared is great, let's go over here it's great, I'll run ahead you wait Everything I do is great, everything you say is great. The thing over there is great, whatever that is, is great....
Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy the video of a dog living his life and Jester Jacobs song I'm DogFetch more dog songs and music videos at Talking Dogs.  You'll be surprised at how many we've collected!

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