Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dog Art - Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

We are art hoarders.  We'll probably never have enough wall space to display the original and print art we've collected over the years.  Not all feature dogs, but some do.  Here are just three of our favorite artists who feature dogs and other animals in their work.  We chose these three for our gift guide because they offer high quality, affordable pieces that are perfect for gift giving. 

Pet Art by Ron Krajewski

Ron Krajewski is a self-taught artist in Gettysburg, PA. In addition to his art prints, he also does commissioned pet portraits.  Krajewski wants everyone who looks at one of his dog art prints to think it is an original watercolor.  That's why each print is printed on 100% cotton, heavy weight textured watercolor paper.  

These print most definitely have the look and feel of an original watercolor and each is hand signed by the artist on the front border.

After discovering his Dog Art Studio work on Etsy, I was thrilled to find two prints I had to have.  

Shown at left is my black dog art print which looks so much like my Rosie that it's hard to believe it is not a custom portrait. 
My yellow Lab art print from Dog Art Studio looks just like Rudy.

Here's my gorgeous Ron Krajewski art print that reminds me of Jeffie.
These are absolutely gorgeous in person and rival pieces I've paid much more for.   Retail prices vary.  My 8 x 10" art prints were $12.50 each. Shop Dog Art Studio now.

Pet Art Prints by Todd Young Art

The image at left is an art print I purchased to remember my beloved dog, Tucker.  

Entitled The Clearing, it reminds me my good boy is waiting for me on the other side.

I came across Todd Young 's art work while browsing Etsy and am so glad I did.  Young is another self-taught artist who loves dogs and they show up everywhere in his work.

My 8 1/2 x 11" print is hand signed, numbered and titled. Retail price  $19.95.  Shop Todd Young Art now.

 Pet Art Prints from Tiny Confessions
Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?  Why is your cat looking at you that way? 

Christopher Rozzi is providing some answers with his Tiny Confessions.

Tiny Confessions are handcrafted prints of original paintings of dogs, cats, and other creatures.  In addition to the very charming artwork, Rozzi provides a few secret thoughts and a few guilty admissions!  A wide selection is available at his Tiny Confessions shop on Etsy.

We love these high quality, very creative, art prints, especially our own yellow Labrador Retriever print.  Rozzi was reading our Rudy's mind!

Prices vary, but our 8 x 10" yellow Lab print retails for $20.  Shop Tiny Confessions now!

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