Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy #PitBulls #PharrelWilliams Style #PitBull Awareness Month | Dog Song Saturday

Celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Month with a very special music video for Dog Song Saturday at Talking Dogs.

You do not want to miss We are Happy Pit Bulls - Pharrell Willians Style!

Created with Milwaukee, WI Pit Bull dogs and their families and produced by Karen Erbach, this music video demonstrates the true nature of Pitbull and pittie type dogs, set to the hit song Happy by Pharrell Williams.
Stereotypes are like shadows.
Shine a light on them and they disappear. 
Here's a good one: "Pit Bulls" are vicious dogs.
I'm sure you'll appreciate that this video was approved for dog loving audiences by the Ittie-Bittie Pittie Committee of America.  BOL

Grab a dog.  Get up and get happy!  Then fetch more dog songs here at Talking Dogs.  You'll find some barking good tunes, doggie music videos, and several are about Pitbull dogs.


  1. Pit bulls do not deserve their reputation thanks for the post! Love Dolly

  2. Pit Bulls really are such lovebugs - they really do love their families and are always waiting with a wagging tail and plenty of kisses. It makes their reputation so perplexing. Love the video - I think the more "happy" videos we see the more the word will get out that Pit Bulls really are loving companions.


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