Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gratitude and other Dog Stuff! | Barks and Bytes

Rudy's birthday was a whole lot of fun and I'll be boring delighting you with more about it in the coming days.  

However, right now thanks are in order!  

A very special gift arrived for the birthday boy that added to the excitement. The mailman delivered a package addressed to Rudy with something very special inside.

Check out this gorgeous paracord dog leash handmade by JoAnn at Sandspring Chesapeakes.
JoAnn made it to perfectly match the paracord collar she sent to Rudy previously.  It's in his favorite UNC Tarheels basketball colors!
Rudy woofs "Thanks!" to the Sandspring Chesapeakes gang
I'm barking a whole lot of gratitude to some of my favorite pet bloggers today.  I'm also sorry I haven't been buying lottery tickets because I have been so lucky lately!

Last month I entered a giveaway at Tales from the Backroad for a Righteous Hound t-shirt giveaway.  I won!  I got to chose whatever t-shirt I wanted and couldn't resist the Peace, Love, Woof design.  Thank you so much, Mary, Roxy and Torrey!
Jeffie loves my new Peace, Love, Woof t-shirt from Righteous Hounds.

A couple of weeks ago SlimDoggy had a photo caption contest on Facebook.  I'm usually no good at these, but Rudy took one look at this photo of Maggie and he knew exactly what she was thinking!  (Great Lab minds think alike.)  

I won the cutest SlimDoggy vinyl decal of their logo!  Thanks Kate, Steve, Jack and Maggie!  Couldn't help but notice the decal was created by our pals at Stylish Canine.

Gotta love our virtual / internet  friends and all the wonderfully thoughtful happy birthday wishes Rudy received, including these picture greetings from Sandspring Chesapeakes and Dakota's Den.  Thanks so much!
Nellie, Glory and Gambler of Sandsrping Chesapeakes
Dakota at Dakota's Den

Be sure to come back for Dog Song Saturday! This week's feature is a music video tribute to Pit Bull dogs and Pit Bull Awareness Month.

I feel compelled to do a little shameless self promotion and remind you:
For Love of a Dog has a huge sale going on right now:  Labrador Retriever dog breed jewelry (in honor of Rudy's birthday, so sale will be over soon),  dog breed Christmas ornaments (hurry, most breeds are already sold out), dog leash holders, and Rainbow Bridge jewelry for dog and cat lovers.

If you hurry, you may still have time to enter Rudy's birthday giveaway!  The lucky winner of the Dog Mom Gift Pack from Dog is Good will be chosen at midnight tonight!

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  1. Love your leash and collar, quite dashing! The t'shirt would match too if your mom lets you wear it!

  2. Things have been pretty amazing for you! We're big Righteous Hound fans. They're stuff is just so cute! Love the leash as well :)

  3. What a handsome birthday boy! Sounds like you've had a lot to be thankful for lately.

  4. That's a whole lotta great stuff going on!!!!! You deserve it! Congratulations!!! Thanks for posting Dakota's card xoxo

  5. You do need to get a lottery ticket! You are welcome and congrats on your winnings.

  6. May the good things keep rolling your way :-)

  7. Love the Righteous Hound tee - adorable!

  8. Happy Birthday Rudy!! :D You've been on a real lucky streak lately with all your wonderful wins! That leash sure is sharp looking, I'll bet you're the envy of the neighborhood!

  9. Congrats on all your winnings! You got some awesome stuff there. We're so glad Rudy had such a great birthday too.

  10. Wow you sure won some great stuff. JoAnn is very talented with her paracord leashes and collars. :) Thanks so much for joining the hop!

  11. Wow, you really hit the mother lode!! JoAnn does great work with that paracord!

    Thanks for joining the blog hop, I'm glad Rudy had a great birthday!

  12. Love that leash and collar, and I must say I think you've got a really great streak of good luck going on :) Congrats on all the awesome loot, I'm sure Rudy is loving it.

  13. Lots of great stuff! Rudy looks so handsome in his new collar! Very nice!!

  14. It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday celebration!

  15. Hi Y'all!

    So glad you had a great BDay Rudy! You got lots of nice wishes and great presents! Hope there were lots of treats as well!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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