Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adopt Wonton a Young #PitBull Dog in Missouri

Wonton is a 1 year old brown brindle Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed dog.  According to the staff and volunteers at the Humane Society of Missouri St. Louis City animal shelter, Wonton can be a little shy around new people and situations.  Consequently, she's love a quiet home, somewhere she can feel safe and secure.  She does warm up to folks and then she's oh, so sweet and affectionate.  Wonton loves to be petted and will roll over for some nice belly rubs.

While Wonton has been at the shelter, she's learned to walk nicely on a leash.  She loves going outside.  Wonton is alert and attentive.  

Wonton is two of the HSMO special programs.  In their Shelter to Home program, she's learning basic commands.  So far she has mastered sit, down and wait.  She is also in their Dog to Dog Socialization where she's learning how to play with other dogs.  She's doing great with that!  

Check out Wonton playing with a shelter friend, then give the HSMO a call at 314-951-1562.  Wonton's animal ID number is A575181

Since 1870, the Humane Society of Missouri has been dedicated to second chances.  They provide a safe and caring haven to animals - large and small - that have been abused, neglected or abandoned.  Their mission is to end the cycle of abuse and overpopulation, assist in creating lasting relations hips between people and animals, offer world-class veterinary care, plus offer pet obedience and behavior programs.  HSMO operates three animal shelters in the St Louis, Missouri, area, plus Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Missouri, for abused and neglected horses, cows, goats, chickens and other farm animals.

BARKING GOOD NEWS!  Wayside Waifs just let me know that Azalea was adopted over the weekend :-)

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  1. What a pretty dog I hope she finds her forever home soon. Love Dolly

  2. I hope both Wonton and Daisy both find great homes! Glad Wonton has had some good obedience training and seems to play well w/ other dogs; that is so important to potential adopters! Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

  3. Brindle dogs are so beautiful, and Wonton is no exception. Sharing her and hoping she finds her new home soon.

  4. I love her name - and she looks like such a sweetie. I hope Wonton & Daisy find loving homes soon. It's so great to know they're working on obedience - it should not only help with manners but also improve Wonton's confidence since she's a bit shy.

  5. It is great to hear about the extra programs that Wonton is able to participate in. I bet all the extra attention Wonton is receiving will help her find that perfect home soon.

  6. Gorgeous brindle pup! This sweetie is sure to find a home soon...Sharing! <3

  7. She is precious. She has the cutest face! Sharing.


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