Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dog Song Saturday: End Greyhound Dog Racing

It's Saturday, so time for a dog song at Talking Dogs.  Kick your weekend off with some thoughts about advocacy with Miami by Nancy SimmondsMiami tells the story of a retired racing Greyhound who was rescued and urges you to join with GREY2K USA to end Greyhound racing in America. 

GREY2K USA is the largest greyhound protection organization in the US.  They work to pass stronger greyhound protection laws and to end the cruelty of dog racing on both national and international levels.  They also promote the rescue, rehoming and adoption of greyhounds worldwide.

Miami is from Nancy Simmonds 3rd Litter Musical Tails release and available on iTunes and Amazon for download.   

Don't worry, the video that accompanies this lyrical dog song is filled with lovely footage of two beautiful Greyhound dogs enjoying life off the racetrack and in their forever homes

Grab a dog, a Greyhound if you're lucky enough to have one.  Sit. Stay. Relax and enjoy Miami by Nancy Simmonds.  Fetch more dog song videos at Talking Dogs and be sure to scroll down below today's song to explore some barking good dog blogs, because today is a Pet Blogger Hop.


  1. Grey Hounds are such beautiful animals and with such sweet dispositions its so dreadful that they are often treated poorly by humanity

    urban hounds

  2. Our son-in-laws parents adopted a 'retired' greyhound. What a lovely do he is so quiet and well-behaved.

    I don't think I would mind the racing so much as long as the dogs were treated humanely and lived life like a dog should.

  3. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog! Greyhounds look so much better running around a yard than a racetrack!

  4. Hey Lucy, Hey Tucker, Hey Jeffie, Hey Rudy, Jet here.

    Greyhound rescue was the first group Mom learned about in the rescue world... I think they have provided the model for so many other rescue groups. Thank goodness Miami ended up in a proper furever family. Special video...

  5. We need to become more enlightened and stop working animals to death for human entertainment.

  6. Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane. Greyhounds endure lives of nearly constant confinement, kept in cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. While racing, many dogs suffer and die from injuries including broken legs, paralysis, and cardiac arrest. And many greyhounds are euthanized every year, as the number retired from racing exceeds the number of adoptive homes.

    At racetracks across the country, greyhounds endure lives of confinement. According to industry statements, greyhounds are generally confined in their cages for approximately 20 hours per day. They live inside warehouse-style kennels in stacked cages that are barely large enough to stand up or turn around. Generally, shredded paper or carpet remnants are used as bedding.

    An undercover video recently released by GREY2K USA shows the conditions in which these gentle dogs are forced to live:

    For more information on injuries these dogs suffer, please view:

    Dogs play an important role in our lives and deserve to be protected from industries and individuals that do them harm.

    V Wolf Board Member, GREY2K USA


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