Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Babysitting Bambi Part 2: Double Vision

This spring a doe chose a spot just outside our yard fence to give birth.  We watched her return to her hidden fawn each day for just over a week.  You can read about it and see photos of the deer here.

Since that time we've seen the doe come to our pond several times, so we knew she'd moved her fawn to another hiding place nearby.  To our delight, though certainly watchful, she seems to feel pretty comfortable on our place.

Then one evening she brought her offspring with her for a drink and a dip of a bath.  Imagine the thrill we felt when we realized she'd had twins!

This beautiful trio stayed for quite awhile.  Nibbling, getting a sip now and then, and doing some grooming.  There was also a lot of dancing and splashing in the water by the fawns.  The doe seemed to look meaningfully at the house... as if to say "Here they are!"
 Show and tell over, the doe and her fawns followed the creek to look for a nice place to bed down for the night.

Since then, they've returned several times and we're enjoying seeing these babies grow and mature.


  1. How precious and beautiful! Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures!!

  2. That's so awesome! Isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy nature right in your own backyard?

  3. Oh wow... how lovely that you're able to watch them!

  4. Oh how wonderful!!! This must have just made your heart soar! Thank you so much for sharing. They are beautiful!


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