Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adopt a Pit Bull Terrier Dog Abandoned on a Chain

Diamond in the Ruff lived her whole life on a chain with no chance to run and play.  When her owners moved away, they left her right there.  On her chain.

New folks moved in and took care of her for awhile, until Stray Rescue of St Louis stepped up and rescued Diamond.

These days Diamond calls Stray Rescue's Pine Street Animal Shelter home.  No more chains in her life, she loves her walks.  This photo has caught Diamond in mid-stride, heading out the door to romp and play.  

According to Stray Rescue, Diamond is a big, silly, goofy dog with a great smile.  She asks for very little in life:  some kind words, loving attention, and some space to play.

Diamond in the Ruff is a Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed dog.  She weighs 55 pounds and is 3 years old.

If you've got room in your heart and want a friend for life, give Stray Rescue a call at 314-771-6121 and fill out an adoption application .  Located at 2320 Pine Street in downtown St Louis, Missouri, summer adoption hours are Monday through Sunday 10 am to 6pm.

Can't adopt right now?  Consider fostering Diamond or another of the dogs at Stray Rescue.  For every dog that goes into foster care, another dog can be rescued from the hard, hot streets of St Louis.


  1. I've always wished to have the opportunity of fostering animals but unfortunately we don't have rescue centers and animal shelters where I live. We only have Animal Welfare Society and you could volunteer but not foster.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. What a lovely Diamond! So glad she's finding her way to better things - and thanks again for helping a lovely lady find her new home.

  3. Diamond is beautiful! I can't believe she was just left there on a chain! I sure hope she finds a loving forever home!

  4. Even though I hear of this kind of thing all the time, I still cannot believe how callous people are. It's horrible and it seems to be very common in the inner cities and the south. I hope she finds her forever home!!

  5. With more people coming out in defense of these babies their chances at a healthy, happy life are getting better day by day. This girl has a great stride and is so lucky to have found a terrific rescue.


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