Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dog Song Saturday: Girls & Horses - Templeton Thompson

It's Saturday, so I know you're expecting a dog song at Talking Dogs.  However, sometimes we can't resist featuring a really good song about another member of the animal kingdom.  And this is one of those days.

Today's selection is the official music video for Girls and Horses written and performed by Templeton Thompson.  Debuted at Breyerfest 2009, Girls and Horses displays Templeton's true love for equine and speaks to the soul of every woman who ever loved a horse.

I'm dedicating today's song and music video to my first horse, Miss Vicky, and to my heart horse, Lady, and all the girls out there who've felt the joy and magic.  

Here are the lyrics to Girls and Horses:
Well she talks about 'em
Dreams about 'em
Thinks about 'em all the time
She's got to have 'em
Be lost without 'em
You can see it in her eyes
What is it, what is it with girls and horses

She says, (now) when I was a young girl
They were my whole world
They were my one safe place
And now that I'm older
I still lean on their shoulders
Still feel like that girl somedays
What is it, what is it with girls and horses

Sometimes I wanna give up
Throw up my hands and say enough's enough
That's when I go and saddle up
And runaway, 'til I'm ok
'Til I'm not afraid of stayin' in the game
Maybe that's what it is
With girls and horses

Well I talk about 'em
And I dream about 'em
Live to love 'em
And I love to ride
I'll always have 'em
Be lost without 'em
There's magic in those gentle eyes
What is it, what is it with girls and horses
What is it, what is it with girls and horses 

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