Saturday, May 2, 2015

For Pete's Sake by Jason Matthews | Dog Song Saturday

Sometimes I think I should issue a tissue alert for a dog song featured here on Dog Song Saturday.  This is one of those times.

For Pete's Sake is an original dog song composed by Jason Matthews and performed here with Kerry Kurt Phillips.  

Matthews notes:  Anyone who has ever loved a dog will understand.  For Pete's Sake tells the story of a "throw-away pup" that he rescued.  Pete became his closest friend and just like a brother.

I found him down on Red River Road, hungry and crying and cold
Just another throw away pup someone left to die
I wrapped him in my Carhart coat, let him have the rest of my Coke
The burger that I bought for lunch and the rest of my french fries
I knew dad would disapproved but all he had to say
Was "What ya gonna call that mutt for Pete's sake"

So I named him Pete with the one black eye
Corkscrew tail and funny underbite
He became my closest friend, just like a brother to me
And I slipped food underneath the table
Took the heat for that chewed-through cable
And I threw that tennis ball 'til my shoulder ached for Pete's sake

We'd go to town on Friday nights, Pete was just another one of the guys
Hanging out of my backseat window howling at the moon
Every time we passed a sno-cone stand, he would bark 'til I pulled in
And those girls would feed him rainbow ice until his tongue turned blue
He always had to chaperone when I went on a date
I let a couple cat lovers go for Pete's sake

And I leaned on Pete when my grandpa died
And for the next three weeks he never left my side
The way he looked at me, somehow he understood
And I had dreams out in Music City
So I left home and brought my biggest fan with me
Got a place next to a park with plenty room to play for Pete's sake

But the years turned Pete's eyes cloudy and his big nose gray
His old hips gave out he couldn't get around, I couldn't watch him hurt that way

And I told him, "Pete, up in Doggie Heaven
There's lotsa rainbow ice and tennis balls for fetching
And you won't hurt anymore, now, you be a good boy, ok?"
And I said, "Doc, go ahead and do it
Before I change my mind, before I lose it"
And I did the hardest thing I've ever had to do that day for Pete's sake

Sit. Stay. Enjoy this love song For Pete's Sake by Jason Matthews.  Fetch more dog songs and music videos at Talking Dogs.  You'll be surprised at how many we've collected over the years.  You'll find a few cat and horse songs, too!


  1. What a touching song. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a sweet song. Have a great weekend.



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