Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to the Lab Labrador Retriever Dog Song at Talking Dogs

It's Saturday and by now you all know what that means:  it's time for a dog song at For Love of a Dog.  Hit the pause button on this busy weekend that's just kicking off and take a moment to enjoy a song about dogs.  Then when you're all relaxed and feeling good, scroll to the bottom of this blog post and fetch some great pet blogs because today is a Pet Blog Hop.  Go on... you know you want to!

Normally today's song would not be music on my iPod, however the lyrics hooked me big time.  Then there are the wonderfully endearing photos in this slide show.  Here for your listening and viewing pleasure is MC Esoteric performing Back to the Lab from their Saving Seamus Ryan album.  This song is dedicated to the Labrador Retriever and all dogs and available at Amazon, iTunes and from MC Esoteric.

Grab a dog, preferably a Labrador Retriever, but any dog will do.  Sit.  Stay.   Scroll down to read these song lyrics, then relax and groove along to Back to the Lab.


women come and go but a dog stays always
all days, hanging by the couch or the hallways
the simple sound of me jingling my keys
will generate a look that could bring me to my knees
he's the type of friend that you can't stay mad around
even when you hear that shatter sound, it don't matter now
'cuz them eyes say it all and the face'll kill ya
it's great to have a face so familiar
he don't change a bit, he gon' stay he gon' sit
my currency is green his currency is a stick
i spend less time wildin' in hoods
more time in the woods 'cuz of this guy
it's all good, i got a lab, the love's essential
i saw myself as garbage he saw the potential
and when i can't grin or lift my chin
there's nobody, more happy to see me than him
yes i'll never turn my "back to the lab"
and i'm always goin' "back to the lab"
(verse 2)
that's right that's you
so happy, so honest, so loyal, so true
you got my back, got my front, got my middle
how you give so much and expect so little in return?
trainers say that you must learn
but i think we the ones that's living out of turn
we should take a tip, take a lesson, take something from yall
we need a mansion and a yacht to be happy, you need a ball
big jewelry, you ain't on it
just something simple 'round your neck with your name on it
you showed me sunsets i never took in
and shades of green i never seen 'cuz i wasn't lookin'
any mess that you made it was accidental
and when we brought the baby home, you were more than gentle
thanks for that, you'll always be the king here
this is love i'm showin, and yo i'm goin'...
"back to the lab"


  1. Stopping by on the hop - happy Saturday!

  2. Hi Y'all!

    What a neat song!! Thanks for sharing.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. What a grrreat song! I was jiving all over the living room! I'm here from the blog hop but after writing my blog yesterday, my paws was just too tired to visit everyone, so I am here today!
    Tail wags


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