Friday, April 29, 2011

Rudy's Big Day

Rudy knew something was up yesterday morning.  Breakfast did not appear.  His harness and leash did appear.  And off he went with Daddy in the car. 

Jeffie raced to the front door to watch them leave, then settled down to spend the day waiting for his best friend to return.  While Jeffie heaved heavy sighs and a whimper or two, Rudy was enjoying an early morning ride to town.  And a trip to the vet.

Late afternoon he returned home sans reproductive equipment and high on pain killers.  Lucy, Tucker, and Jeffie were thrilled to see him.  Tucker and Lucy got big long whiffs of that vet clinic smell and seemed to understand that all Rudy wanted to do is nap. 


Jeffie decided what Rudy really needed was a good ear washing and Rudy didn't mind a bit.  He was just happy to be home again.

The surgery went well;  Rudy is now neutered.  Unfortunately, our vet did not have any kind of cone that fit him, so now we're all on puppy-licking-watch.  At the moment that's pretty easy duty.  Rudy's napping.  Again.  :-)  And so is the rest of the pack at For Love of a Dog.

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