Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greyhound Competing 2011 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Atlanta

I am hooked on the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.  I never seem to be able to pick my favorite event;  it seems to be whichever one I'm watching at the moment.  Yesterday the 2011 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge kicked off in Atlanta, GA.  I couldn't be there, but I did manage to find this video gem.

This is Riley, a four year old Greyhound dog competing yesterday (April 2, 2011) in Atlanta.  This is the Weave Pole Challenge:  30 weave poles down, turn around in a tunnel, and 30 weave poles back.  Riley was a very good sport about having to do 180 weave poles in about 10 minutes.  They usually don't do that many in a week.  Riley won this brace.

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