Friday, April 8, 2011

Pets For Patriots Helps Military Members Adopt Shelter Pets

Millions of shelter dogs and cats are put to death each year even as a growing body of research highlights the unique physical and emotional health benefits of companion animals. Pets for Patriots, Inc. connects loyal adult shelter pets with our country's loyal service men and women.

“We’re one of the only organizations in the country that is dedicated to both adult pets and military members,” says founder and executive director Beth Zimmerman. “With our unique focus we have the power and passion to change lives every day, for the better.”

The organization, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, creates opportunities for members of the military community to save a life by honorably adopting adult homeless animals.

Military personnel, whom the charity calls Patriots, can come from any branch of the United States military and are eligible to receive a pet at any stage of their careers. Pets for Patriots will pay the adoption fees for any eligible adoption made through its member shelters: a dog or cat, at least two years old, as well as large dogs and special needs pets. 

“Pets for Patriots exists to give the millions of dogs and cats who would otherwise die needlessly a second chance at life,” says Zimmerman, “and at the same time to show gratitude to our service men and women by giving them the gift of unconditional friendship and love.”

The organization's commitment to adult pets is clear. “Our goal is to help shelters, rescues, SPCAs and humane societies re-home harder-to-place pets that still have years of love and life to give,” Zimmerman says. "The evidence is clear that companion pets provide real physical and emotional benefits to owners and their families, including those suffering from post-combat stress and other issues that arise in the course of military service."

The charity provides access to reduced cost care for the life of the honorably adopted pet, including veterinary care, pet food and products. “It's essential to support the lifetime care of the animal,” says Zimmerman, “in order to avoid pet recycling, where an adopted animal is returned to the shelter because the owner could not afford to keep it.”

For more information, contact Beth Zimmerman at 877-4-PET CADET (877-473-8223) or visit

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  1. Thank you for the kind post about our organization, but to correct the record: we do not pay the adoption fee! That is always the veteran's responsibility.

    We partner with veterinarians in the communities in which we work to provide ongoing discounted veterinary care, and we provide a generous gift card to help make the purchase of pet food and other basics easier.

    Many thanks! ~ Pets for Patriots


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