Saturday, April 9, 2016

I Think My Dog is a Democrat by Bryan Lewis | Dog Song Saturday

Okay, everybody loosen up, take off your judgey pants and dust off your sense of humor.  Today  we have a political offering for Dog Song Saturday.

On March 22 country musician Bryan Lewis appeared on WTVN Radio to perform his new song I Think My Dog's a Democrat.  Our pals John and Ace over at Ohmidog posted this video and it set us to woofing.

I'm a self-confessed radical liberal and after listening to the lyrics, I'd guess that composer Lewis is...  not.   However, there aren't enough dog songs in the world and this one is actually pretty clever.

Sit. Stay. Have a listen to I Think My Dog's a Democrat.  Fetch more dog songs and music videos at Talking Dogs.  You'll be surprised at how many we've collected over the years.

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