Friday, April 15, 2016

Say Neigh to Premarin and Equine Cruelty #BTC4A

Before we began farming with draft horses I had never heard of PMU horses.  That's what the mares used to produce the drug Premarin are called. When I found out about them and the cruel lives they have on what are essentially factory farms, it broke my heart.

Premarin is a common drug prescribed to millions of women world wide as a hormone replacement therapy.  The name stands for PREgant MAres uRINe since the drug is produced from the hormones naturally present in the mare's urine.

PMU mares are usually Belgian draft horses or Belgian / Quarter Horse crosses.  Mares are kept in continuous cycles of pregnancy until they can no longer get in foal.  For most of their 11 month pregnancies, these horses are confined to stalls so small that they cannot turn around or even take more than one step in any direction.  Each wears a catheter and rubber urine collection bag at all times which often causes chafing and lesions.

Rarely are they allowed to freely drink water since that would dilute the concentration of their urine. With no exercise they can't even stretch their muscles or flex their joints as any horse would naturally do.  The average lifespan for these horse breeds is usually around 24 years.  PMU urine line mares live to be around 8 years old.

The mares only go off the urine line to give birth to their foals and be impregnated again.  This cycle is not only cruel to the PMU mares, but it has created an overabundance of unwanted foals, most of who end up sold to the slaughter industry. It's estimated that a filly foal has a 90% chance of going to slaughter;  a colt foal 99% chance.
"See the foals - and the mares which can't get pregnant any more - they are the byproduct of the PMU industry.  ...We crush 'em and recycle 'em, just like [aluminum] cans."
~ Canadian Slaughterhouse Buyer
Beginning with the introduction of Premarin in the 1940's, it's estimated more than 1 million foals have been slaughtered thanks to the production of this family of drugs alone.

The number of PMU farms in North America has decreased over the years from 400 at the peak of manufacture to about 26 currently according some sources.  However, like so many other things these days, PMU farm are springing up in other places like China and Kazakhstan.   

What you can do:
If you currently take Premarin, Prempak-C or Premphase, ask your doctor about equally effective synthetic or plant based alternaties like:
  • Cenestin
  • Estrace
  • Estraderm
  • Ogen
  • OrthoEst
  • Estratab
  • Menest
  • Estinyl
  • Estrovirus
  • OrthoDienestrol
  • Tace
  • Climara
For more reading on this issue:

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  1. THAT is just vile. What the actual hell is wrong with this world? I can't even imagine.

  2. Wow! Are they STILL selling that?? TW refused to take any of that stuff 20 years ago. She did acupuncture and never had a hot flash.

  3. OMD mom thinks she took Premphase a long time ago! We tweeted this it's sicker than puppy mills. Love Dolly

  4. OMG, I had no idea about this practice. This is horrifying. I do not take this drug and will absolutely never take it. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  5. That is simply horrifying. I'm glad I have always chosen not to take any hormone replacement drugs. I just can't believe some of the things that go on in this world. :(

  6. We did not know this!! Mommy will never use that stuff or support business like that. Thanks for an informative post.

  7. This is disgusting! Thanks for posting this and raising awareness.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  8. oh wow, I never knew of this and how horrible. Thank you for bringing it to light here.

  9. It's absolutely incredible, the horrendous things we sometimes do to our animal friends. How shameful, and so sad. I hope we see an end to this in the very near future!

    Thank you for raising awareness about PMU, and for providing helpful resources (and alternatives to Premarin!)

    And thank you for blogging and being the change for animals,
    Kim Thomas
    Be the Change for Animals
    CindyLu's Muse

  10. Sad. I remember hearing about these farms years ago, but never knew the conditions the horses were kept under. It definitely needs to end.

    Thanks for joining in Blog The Change For Animals!


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