Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me - Dog Song Saturday at Talking Dogs

It's Saturday, so time for a dog song at Talking Dogs.  Though I usually feature original songs about dogs with music videos, today we're taking the day off to celebrate my birthday!

While I'm off having fun with Jeffie, Rudy, Rosie and the Dog Daddy, I wanted to share some barking good birthday song videos with you.  Pun intended.

One just wasn't enough!

Sit. Stay. Relax and enjoy these adorable Corgi dogs as they serenade birthday girls everywhere.

Feel free to bark along to this wooftastic rendition of the birthday song!


  1. Happy birthday! :) While not as grand as the corgis birthday wishes I hope you have an awesome weekend.

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! 8=8

  3. Hope your Birthday was great, I saw the cake and it must of tasted yummy.

  4. Oh dear God I missed your birthday!!! I am soooo sorry!!!! Was dealing with a sick kitty all weekend!! Hope you had a pawtastic time! xoxo

  5. Hope you had a great birthday, Sue! What better way to celebrate than spending it with your family!


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