Monday, December 8, 2014

Adopt Boudreaux a Hound Mix Dog @WaysideWaifs in KCMO

This handsome boy is Boudreaux.  He's a hound dog mix and nearly 2 years old.  Even with lots of pep and energy, Boudreaux is fast learning to walk nicely on a leash.  As you can see in his adoption video, he sits nicely for treats and loves running zoomies!

Here's what Boudreaux has to say about himself in his adoption message:
Hi there! I'm Boudreaux, a 1 ½ year old hound mix and I'm looking for a new home. I was transferred to Wayside from another shelter that had run out of space. I'm thankful for so many things here at Wayside - love and attention from the staff and volunteers, healthy food and treats, a nice, safe place to sleep. All of those things are nice, but I've spent way too much time in shelters lately. I'm ready to go home! I have dreams and plans for a fun, active life in a loving family, and I'm ready to start NOW!!! Please keep reading about me - maybe you'll realize that I'm the special one who's been missing from your life!

I'm a happy boy - big, fun and athletic, with lots of energy and ambition! I want a family who will appreciate my active, inquisitive personality. I love going on walks and exploring with my humans, and I have to admit I'm kind of passionate about chasing squirrels and other small critters! That particular talent of mine will come in very handy if you need some help chasing unwanted critters out of your yard, but when we're walking together on leash, it would be best if I wore a harness so you'll have better control if I get distracted. It's no big deal - I look very handsome in my harness, and lots of dogs wear them. It will make our walks much more pleasant for both of us.

Speaking of looking handsome, hopefully you noticed my pictures! I'm a real handsome guy, beautifully marked in champagne and white, and I've got a sleek, athletic build. I've been told I've got some of the softest silkiest ears ever! They're kind of irresistible to my human friends here at Wayside, and that's OK with me because I happen to LOVE ear rubs, especially after my daily exercise! Being a hound and all, I do love outside activities, but I also love people and want to be with my family wherever they are. Please don't leave me alone out in the yard for long periods of time - I could get bored and start looking for mischief! I hope I find a home where I'm included in family activities as much as possible. Hounds like me are goofy and fun, but can also become bored and anxious when separated too long from the people they love, and believe me....I will love you to pieces!!

Because of my need for lots of exercise and my high prey drive, I need a home with no cats, and no small furry critters, and I'd also love a large, well fenced yard. It's just that when I catch a good scent, I really want to go after it and I could have a tendency to jump. I know my family will want to keep me safe, and I sure wouldn't want to escape, get lost and worry them. A good fence will really help with all of that. Because I'm big and energetic, for now it would be best if there were no kids under 5 in my new home. It's just that I might accidently knock over a toddler, and I'd feel awful about that!
I like some other dogs, but I can be kind of rude in my play style with them, and I need to work on my doggy social skills. I really should meet all family members before going home - especially dogs and kids. I really want it to work out between us FOREVER, and whatever we can do up front to ensure that, I'm all for it!
I am a super smart and focused guy. I'm treat motivated and I already know how to sit when you ask. I'm very trainable, and I would definitely benefit from basic obedience training. The staff here at Wayside recommends positive reinforcement training. That's when I'm rewarded with praise and healthy treats when I'm a good boy. That helps me know what's expected of me, and I'll try my best to please you. Please ask the adoption counselor for more information about this. The folks here also think I'm at least partially housebroke, because I know to potty when I go outside. Please be patient with me though - it's hard to learn and maintain good house manners when you've lived in a shelter for a while. It may take a little time for me get used to my new environment, and learn what's expected of me in my new home. I promise your patience will be worth it!

So what do you think?! Are you as anxious to meet me as I am to meet you?! I hope so! Did I mention that my bags are packed and I'm waiting for you at my kennel door? When you take me home with you, it will be the best day of my life! Please, oh please....let that be today!!!
Love, Boudreaux

Be sure to watch Boudreaux's adoption video and then call Wayside Waifs at 816-761-8151.  His adoption ID number is  23852570  The adoption fee for Boudreaux is $65.

Wayside Waifs is Kansas City’s largest no-kill animal shelter.   They are an independent, 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit humane society and animal welfare organization established in 1944.  Wayside Waifs is committed to finding homes for all adoptable pets. Wayside is the largest pet adoption center in Kansas City, placing over 5,400 animals each year in loving forever homes. Wayside does not euthanize adoptable animals, and there are no time limits for animals in our care. Only animals suffering from significant medical issues or those that pose a danger are humanely euthanized. Wayside Waifs is proud to be a part of Kansas City's no-kill community.  

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  1. What a handsome feller, hope he gets a home soon.

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  3. He sure is handsome and looks like such a happy dude. We will share him!

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  5. he is SO handsome, I do hope he finds his forever home!

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