Saturday, March 19, 2016

I Am Here for You by Laurel Canyon Animal Company | Dog Song Saturday @SurfDogRicochet @AnimalMusic

It's Saturday, so time for a new dog song at Talking Dogs. We've really got a good one for you today!

I Am Here For You is a collaboration between humans (The Laurel Canyon Animal Company) and a most amazing therapy dog named Surf Dog Ricochet.

They worked with animal communicator, Paula Brown who acted as a translator for Ricochet. They then used Ricochet's "reading" to create a rough song based on what they were told by Ricochet. After playing the rough for Ricochet, they then created the final version of the song based on Paula's translation.

One of the changes requested by Ricochet particularly stood out.  There was a line in the song that stated, "This is my song" and Ricochet told them that this was not a song, it was her soul. They made the appropriate changes.

A significant proportion of the profits from I Am Here For You are donated to Ricochet's non-profit organization Puppy Prodigies..  Puppy prodigies prepares dogs such as Ricochet for their future careers as service dogs. the Laurel Canyon Animal Company is proud to support Puppy Prodigies and other organizations and individuals who help animals.

Canyon Animal company creates original music about, for and with animals - especially dogs.  I Am Here For You is the first in their new series about service dogs: Therapy dogs, War dogs, Police Dogs, and more. 

Sit. Stay. Relax and enjoy I Am Here for You sung by Donna Delory.  Purchase the song here to add it to your favorite dog song playlist.


  1. How cool was that, been following Ricochet for awhile now.

  2. The combination of music and pictures got me a bit tearful!


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