Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Gold Dog Bone Jewelry Purple Lampwork Bracelet

Inspired by the dog lover bracelet I created for Rachael Ray, this dog bone bracelet is chunky and rich with the color purple.  Fabulous gift for Valentine's Day!

Big fat aurola borealis finish purple crystals flash in the light and give off sparkling rainbows.  I've combined them with chubby artisan lampwork beads in shades of purple.  Some have lovely lavender flowers applied on deep purple cores.  Others have violet flowers encased in glass.  All are hand wire wrapped with gold jeweler's wire to surround a sweet gold three dimensional dog bone.   

Don't miss the charming gold dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp, a just right finishing touch!

Fetch more dog bone jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  You'll find a wide selection of bracelets in the dog bone theme, including adopt, rescue, Dog Mom, and much more, including necklaces and earrings.

For Love of a Dog jewelry is handmade right here in my Missouri Ozarks studio with my three dogs playing or snoozing nearby.  I make dog jewelry because I love dogs!

Shop for Love of a Dog jewelry now for best selection.  You'll enjoy our fun gift box packaging - complete with ribbon bow - and free standard shipping for packages in the US.

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