Friday, January 25, 2013

HooRag Bandanas for Dogs | Product Review

When HooRag Bandanas contacted me and offered a couple of their dog bandanas to try, I looked at their web site and thought:  what fun!  Though we're not keen on costuming our dogs, both Jeffie and Rudy enjoy wearing bandanas.  Rudy, especially.

HooRag Bandanas are not at all your ordinary bandana.  They are a seamless cotton-polyester blened micro-fiber that is light weight, moisture wicking, and fun to wear.  

Originally designed for people, as opposed to canines, Florida based, Hoo-Rag bandanas are popular with snow boarders, snow skiers, runners, mountain bikers, hikers, and more.  People use them as a traditional bandana, a beanie, neck gaiter, face mask and more.  A real plus for outdoor types, they're good for putting a barrier between your head and the elements.

Dogs, of course, wear them to be stylish and cool.

Well, dogs other than mine.

Our two sample HooRag Bandanas arrived very quickly, individually wrapped in attractive packaging.  One is a red and white design of the HooRag logo;  the other is a pretty dog-gone cute brown and tan dog bone design.  The fabric is smooth and silky.  The HooRag tube design is just a little stretchy.

Both Jeffie and Rudy were interested and ready to try them on.

That's when I discovered that my dogs have fat necks!  Okay, not fat necks, so much as Jeffie and Rudy are just too big to wear the HooRag bandana comfortably.

Once on, Jeffie immediately wanted that thing off.  Too tight.

 Jeffie's eyes are pleading with the Dog Daddy:  
Please make her stop and take this off.

Rudy wore his HooRag Bandana for quite awhile, although it obviously was too tight to be totally comfortable.  Plus, the "double chin" it gave him was not what I'd call attractive.
 Check out that double chin!  (giggle)
This photo shows the fit.
The Dog Daddy was our next guinea pig and he pronounced it pretty cool.  Soft, silky fabric.  Just enough stretch to be comfortable.  He was genuinely intrigued and I suspect the HooRag Bandanas will remain his.

Our recommendation?  Very cute way to doll up your dog, as long as your dog is not an 80 pound and up, large breed dog.  No doubt about it - if our dogs were just a tad smaller, we think we'd truly love the HooRag Bandanas. 

HooRag Bandanas come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  Cost is $14.95, including shipping, on the HooRag Bandana web site.  They are also available in custom patterns.  You can order wholesale and even use your own logo or artwork.  Great idea for a dog event!  I can just see these on some Greyhounds...  (slender necks, you know)
* We were given two sample HooRag Bandanas to try out in exchange for our honest review.  We were not financially compensated for this endorsement.


  1. Love it! I too found that it want quite fitting on my 83 lb pitbull and he doesn't wear items either. Me, however, I love em! Great review. I intend to buy a few more

  2. Great review! We are reviewing the HooRag to soon on the blog and you just gave me a very good idea of how it will work for Leroy!!! Thank you!!

  3. My dog weighs about 55 lbs and I think it fit her neck perfectly. Maybe that's the magic number.

  4. I was offered review samples, too, for my site. But I was advised the Hoo Rag wasn't appropriate for "small dogs" so I declined.

    Good to know they're more a fit for the medium-size pooches. My GSD also has a large neck so probably not appropriate for him, either. But great stylin' statement for some doggies!

    BTW, love your blog.

  5. OMD, they look so cute - if annoyed - in those pics!

  6. Great review!!!!!!!!! We are going to be reviewing them in the next few weeks! Fab job!

  7. This are adorable. I love the idea. I'd like one for myself for our long walks on cold days - LOL

  8. Woot woot!! Or for the Dog Squad at BlogPaws. ;-)

  9. Maggie loved wearing her hoo-rag, but it was a little too big for her. I needed to loop it through her collar for a better fit.


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