Monday, January 28, 2013

Heart Dog Auction at Labrador Life Line

Labrador Life Line's Annual Heart Dog auction begins on February 1 and runs through February 16.  This is one of their biggest fundraisers and your participation can result in more happy endings for so many Labs in need.

Bid to win some amazing items in the following categories:
  • For the Dog (Lovin') House
  • Don't Shred This Paper! (books, calendars)
  • Dog Hair Collectors (clothing)
  • People Pleasers (stuff for humans)
  • For YOUR Heart Dog
  • Mid-Auction Madness
  • Flea Market (odds 'n ends)
Auction Rules and Regulations can be found here.   Preview some of the auction items and register now to be able to bid here.

Snag some bargains or even something not offered anywhere else!  

Not all auction items are specific to Labrador Retriever dogs.  You'll find plenty of barking good things for just plain dog lovers, including a bracelet donated by For Love of a Dog  from my Rainbow Bridge pet memorial jewelry

This Rainbow Bridge dog lover bracelet includes a rainbow of brilliantly faceted crystal rondelle beads are hand wire wrapped with silver jeweler's wire.  Adorable silver dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp and a winged silver heart create a special memorial bracelet in honor of your beloved dog.

If you visit the auction listing, you'll see that this bracelet will be personalized with the auction winners dog's name on a silver heart charm, plus the bracelet will be custom sized to fit the winner.

For Love of a Dog has supported the good work of Labrador Life Line for many years.  Labrador Life Line is a not-for-profit organization created to help owners or rescuers of Labrador Retrievers who are in need of financial assistance for urgent medical care, as well as to aid Labs in need of new homes.  Fetch Labrador Life Line Success Stories and you'll understand how important this organization is to dog lovers.

The tag line of Labrador Life Line says it all:  Saving Lives, One Lab at a Time. 


  1. That's a beautiful bracelet. Love the charms, what a cool event too.

  2. just tweeted and posted on Dakota's fan page...feel free to post photos of your jewelry there linking to this post if you would like to!

  3. I love the bracelet, it's just gorgeous. What a great charity event too. I think I'll register for the auction.

    1. Jodi, do it! Not only do I donate to this group, but I've purchased auction items, too. Great stuff!


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