Friday, January 11, 2013

Love is irresistible and so is puppy Rosie

Every once in awhile, the dog daddy and I exchange a glance and sigh... yes, we are wacko for adopting a puppy at this time in our lives.  

With his illness, my continuing commitment to my mother with her failing health, and everything else we have going on, most people would decide this is not the optimal time to fool around with a puppy.

I say - in the case of Rosie - conventional wisdom is dead wrong. 

What a joy!  What a healing life force! 

Plus, we haven't laughed like this for a long while!

If we've been through the pruning sheers of life this past year, so have Jeffie and Rudy.  They weren't sure at all about the new family member.  Rudy seemed stunned.  Jeffie seemed to think she was just one more worry.

At first, Rudy couldn't decided if she was something to be feared or she just might be fun.   Didn't take long and he found the later to be true.  Ultra gentle in his play with her, he accepted her play blows and her offering of her little submissive tummy.

Doggie tag.  Rosie is "it."  Just look at the joy on Rudy's face!

 Yesterday Rudy began delivering his beloved Jolly Ball to Rosie to play with.

Jeffie tried to herd Rosie.  And for a bit he seemed to think she was prey to be stalked.  Unfortunately for him, Rosie's mama was a Golden Retriever and she was in love with Jeffie at first sight.

Though not pushy, Rosie has a strong sense of self and is no shrinking violet!

 Play bow!  Nicely done, Rosie!

Yesterday I was sitting out on the edge of the deck, tossing a flippy flier for Rudy.  Jeffie came to sit next to me and to be petted.   Rosie was mesmerized by Rudy's play, but when she saw me and Jeffie, she crept closer.  And closer.  

Pretty soon she was sitting on his tail.   As luck would have it, when he twisted his head around to growl at her, she was totally focused on Rudy.  Jeffie was still for a long moment.  I thought he's get up and move away.

Nope.  Jeffie leaned around and gently began licking Rosie's head.

 Later, yesterday afternoon, I was out in the studio finishing up some custom work.  One time I glanced up and I couldn't believe my eyes.  Jeffie and Rudy were cuddled up together asleep.

Rosie is an irresistible life force.  Rosie is love.


  1. OMG Sue, Congratulations!! Oh how I love puppies, but as you know my guys didn't do so well with the bulldog puppy. Best of luck to you and I'm so excited to hear stories about Rosie!!

  2. You picked the best medicine! Have a wonderful new year.

  3. Ohhhh this made me cry!! I am sooooooooooooo happy for you! Your boys are such gentlemen!!! I am so happy that they have warmly accepted Rosie and she will be protected by those big and strong big brothers!
    You DESERVE to laugh and I am so happy that you have adopted her!

  4. Rosie is so cute! Great pictures too. Glad she is bringing so many smiles to you.

  5. Hooray for the healing of laughter! Charles Schultz said it best - Happiness is a warm puppy! Congrats!

  6. I am so living vicariously through you all and Rosie these days...My puppy cravings are somewhat sated by your photos and stories...Thanks

  7. Sooo tiny. I was just looking at pictures of Blue and remembering how small he was when he came to live with us. Teeny and he still tried to hang with the big dogs. Rodrigo and Sydney were so great with him and when he'd cry, they'd immediately run to him to see what was wrong. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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