Friday, January 18, 2013

A Story of Puppy Dog Sweaters

I've been thinking about puppy sweaters.  Well, about winter dog clothes in general.  I have a collection in several sizes because when you add a puppy every couple of years... well, you need them!

Shown at top is Rudy modeling the smallest sweater.  The next size is a purple cableknit that I can't find a photo of.

 When the puppy outgrows the purple one, he or she graduates to this very vintage green and white striped sweater.  Vintage because it originally belonged to my dog, Benji, many, many years ago!

Next is a red knit sweater.  And finally, the puppy graduated to a coat like the one shown above.

Many years ago we added a black lab mix puppy, Spanky, to our family in January.  At the time we lived on a very isolated farm.  A winter storm rolled in with heaps of snow, frigid wind chill temperatures and we couldn't get out of our place for a few days.

However, the puppy definitely needed to be able to go out of the house!  No way to run to town for a puppy sweater or coat.  

I had what I still think is a brilliant idea.  Taking a child size knitted ski mask, I carefully pulled out the seams at the very top of the head, leaving a hole in the top for Spanky's head.  Spanky's front legs went through the eye holes in the mask.  A puppy sweater!

Somewhere along the line in our moves, I've lost that recycled, upcycled, make-do puppy sweater, darn it.  So when Rosie joined us and she was too little to fit in the smallest size I had on hand, I just had to shop.

Here's Rosie in her new sweater.  Why blue and green?  Because she'll soon outgrow it and the next puppy could be a boy, of course!


  1. Rosie looks so adorable in her new sweater!

  2. your dog sweaters are the CUTEST! You have some of the most unique ones I have ever seen. Love them!

  3. Very cute sweater! I think the blue and green looks good on her.

  4. What a great idea with the ski mask! Clever! And you're dogs all look so well-turned-out!

  5. Brilliant job of making do an having it turn out so well! All the sweaters look wonderful.

  6. That was a brilliant idea!! I've yet to get coats for the dogs, but we are talking about it. I'd like to take them to the pet store and measure them for it. :-)


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