Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rosie and Rudy: Wrapped Around Her Little Paw

Our sweet yellow Labrador Retriever, Rudy, is two now.  His very favorite toy is his jolly ball.  

Whenever we step out in the backyard, Rudy is zooming off to retrieve it, then appears before us with that expectant look.  You know, THAT look:  throw it!

So, on day three of Rosie's life with us, it came as a surprise when Rudy brought his jolly ball... to Rosie.

Since that first time, it has become a kind of ritual.  Rudy brings the jolly ball to Rosie and seems to be trying to help her learn to play with it.  It is obvious that she's not going to throw it for him.  He's simply sharing... his most prized possession. 

 See, Rosie.  You grab onto the rope so you can carry it.

 That's it, Rosie!

 Don't run away, Rosie!  Come back!

 See?  I'll show you again.

It has been interesting having a puppy in the house again.  It took some time before Jeffie and Rudy really warmed up to the idea.  Rudy cracked first when he saw Rosie playing with some toys inside the house.  Pretty soon he was bringing some of his favorites to her, then just watching to see what she would do with them.  She was entertained by the toys;  Rudy was entertained by Rosie!

Here's my sweetie, Rudy.  What a wonderful big brother!


  1. What a good big brofur Rudy is...And what a sweet little sister he has in Rosie...One more day of puppy envy for me ;)

  2. Rudy is a most excellent role model!

  3. Love Rosie's little sweater. Oh to have a puppy in the house again!

  4. this post made me smile! Rudy is such a good boy!!!!

  5. That is SO sweet! He wants her to see how awesome his toy is.

  6. I love it :) What a cute little pack you have!!

  7. I'm a little behind on my blog reading, but I just wanted to say how sweet and adorable Rudy is! It must be so much fun watching him interact with little Rosie and teach her the ropes ... literally!


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