Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Subaru #DogTested Fun Apps and Giveaway

Many years ago, when I was single and had a good case of the wanderlust, my rescue dog, Benji, and I went everywhere together.  

Benji was a big dog, a Doberman / German Shepherd cross, and my car was a very small hatchback.  If Benji had his head out the window, people laughingly warned me that my car was going to tip over.  

Whenever I parked to run an errand, Benji always moved into the driver's seat.  Many times I returned to my car to find people talking to him.  And this became a standard line:  
"Does this dog have a driver's license?"
These days I'm married with three dogs and we're in the market for a new dog friendly vehicle.  We need something that can handle rural roads, is comfortable, gets good gas mileage and the purchase price won't wipe out our wallet.  Plus, the dogs have to be able to travel comfortably in it.  Well, not only that, but they have to like it, too.

Jeffie is pretty sure that our next vehicle needs to be a Subaru.

Ever since he saw the new Subaru video introducing Grant Weber, Subaru's most beloved Canine Sales Associate http://bit.ly/WW7C2Y  Jeffie has dreamed of a new Subaru.  

He's certain that a new Subaru would be perfect for his For Love of a Dog mailman duties after seeing this http://bit.ly/W4TSFQ 

In fact, he recently visited Subaru on Facebook to try out a new Dog Tested, Dog Approved Subaru.  

First, he took the little quiz to discover which model would suit him best  http://subar.us/USzh6V  

All he had to do is enter a few simple questions and this new Subaru app read him perfectly:

Jeffie would look great in a Subaru Outback.  With the go-anywhere capability of the Outback, you can get away from that fenced-in yard of yours and sniff out some real adventure. 
In fact, Jeffie couldn't resist using another cool Subaru app http://subar.us/USzh6V to see what he'd look like in a new Subaru!

Okay, I have to admit it.  Jeffie looks good in a Subaru!

I'm just a little concerned about Jeffie's time on the computer, though.  I think he could become one of those dogs who never leave a chat room.  I say that because he got quite involved in a conversation with Sasha.  

Sasha is a Golden Retriever who is on the new live chat Subaru Ask an Expert app http://subar.us/USzh6V   There was an awful lot of heavy breathing and discussion of favorite things to do on a date (chomping squirrels.)  Sadly, when Jeffie asked Sasha if she wanted to go for a ride, Sasha heard the door bell.

That's probably for the best.  Jeffie has places to go and new friends to meet.

After all, thanks to Subaru, Jeffie now has his own driver's license.  

Yep.  You read that right.  Your dog can get his or her own driver's license, too, with this new Subaru app http://subar.us/USzh6V

Benji would definitely approve!

We all approve of this barking good giveaway from Subaru!  Enter now to win a $350 or $150 Visa Gift Card!  You'll need to "like" Subaru's Facebook page to enter, plus you can do the other four entries every single day!

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* This post is sponsored by Subaru. We are being compensated for helping spread the word about the Subaru Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Talking Dogs only shares news for things we support.


  1. The Austin pack drives a Subaru Outback. Plenty of room for a couple crates when needed. Great gas mileage since we transport rescues a lot. Love my Subaru!

    1. I'd say a Subaru recommendation from someone with 8 dogs is one to pay attention to! Thanks, Kristi.

  2. It said Sampson would look good in a Forester, but I think it's too small. I'd like something a little bigger. ;-)

    1. Interesting. Must have something to do with dog breed because the app recommended a Forester for Rudy, too.

  3. Torrey and Roxy got their drivers license too, and now of course, they want their own Subaru!!

    1. Well, Jeffie insisted that he be the only one who got a driver's license here. Rudy and Rosie were glad to comply when Jeffie offered to drive them to Dairy Queen...

  4. I made Shiner a driver license yesterday I think it was. Super awesome - I love it!

    1. The driver's license app really is fun. I did notice that some states look more cool than others... but I don't think Jeffie noticed that ;-)


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