Wednesday, February 6, 2013

License Plates Promote Spay Neuter in Missouri

There's an easy way to help pet spay neuter programs in Missouri.  Now in its fifth year, the I'm Pet Friendly license plate program raises much needed funds to finance grants to licensed animal shelters and non-profit agencies offering spay neuter.

"I'm Pet Friendly" license plates are available through the Missouri
Department of Revenue.  for each license plate sold, $20 is forwarded to the Missouri Department of Agriculture's spay/neuter program.

The projected $20,000 in revenue will finance 10 grants - at $2,000 each, this year.  Since the program began in 2009, it has raised more than $100,000.  In 2012, 10 grants were awarded.

These Missouri specialty plates feature four-color original artwork and cost only $25.  For more information about the "I'm Pet Friendly" license plates visit


  1. this is one dynamite idea and I think that all states should do this!

  2. I'm with Fisher & Staff...if we had these in FL I'd get personalized plates

  3. This is fantastic! I love the price; completely affordable. We have similar plates in Washington and they are very expensive. I'm going to look into where the money goes before investing, but I do want to help.



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