Thursday, February 14, 2013

Comfy Dog Boots for Jeffie | Product Review

Of all the dogs in my life only one has worn boots and loved them.  Though I'm quite sure he's not interested in making a fashion statement, I know he absolutely hates getting snow between his toes.  Can't say that I blame him.  Poor boy, he has very hairy toes.

Used to standing patiently to put on a coat in super cold or snowy weather, Jeffie wasn't sure what was going on when his first set of boots were on his feet.  One step outdoors and it was like a light bulb went off in his head:  dry feet!

That first set of dog boots lasted for several winters.  Unfortunately, when they began to wear out (and I no longer could make repairs), I discovered the company no longer in business.  Subsequent trials with different brands had varying results.  None of them stayed on his feet for long play times.  Luckily he had a little brother, Rudy, who was happy to retrieve them.   Still, it left Jeffie with a wet and iced foot or two.
Rudy may be out of the boot retrieval business now!

So, when Lori at Comfy Dog Boots contacted me about giving a set of her handmade footwear a try, I jumped at the chance.

The first thing I liked about Comfy Dog Boots is that they are handmade and created to fit.  Lori is well aware that paws come in different sizes and she offers an easy guide to sizing for the proper fit on your dog.  I'll admit that Jeffie did not want to stand still on a tape measure long enough for me to read the measurement, but with a little help from the Dog Daddy, I had Jeffie's measurements sent in.

Comfy Dog Boots come in a nice selection of colors.  I told Lori that Jeffie's coat is dark green with burgandy trim, so she sent burgandy colored dog boots for Jeffie.  I think he looks pretty stylish!

These boots are made with durable flannel and Cordura nylon.  Velcro closures keep the boots on and there are non-slip rubber bottoms.

Comfy Dog Boots offers several varieties of dog boot and shoes, as well as dog coats, parkas and jackets.   Choose from warm weather indoor, cold weather outdoor, lace up with velcro, and high top boots.  Some styles are perfect for those slippery tile or hardwood floors!  They even create custom dog boots to fit pets with paws that need extra protection due to allergies, dragging, deformities, and for disabled dogs.

Prices vary according to the type and size of boot selected.  Jeffie's boots retail at $22 plus $3 shipping.

Our boots arrived in record time!  We're impressed at how well made they are and how true the color is to the photos on their web site.  The fit is snug; the velcro closures have plenty of room for our big boy's feet.

Sleet and snow arrived just in time for Jeffie to give his new Comfy Dog Boots a nice trial.  Obviously comfortable, there were zero problems keeping them on.  They are light weight and flexible.  I love that they are machine washable and dryer safe!

Here's what we liked about Comfy Dog Boots:
  • Made in the USA - in Maine
  • Handmade with the ability to customize fit
  • Attractive with many color selections
  • Several styles available for varied purposes
  • Attractive web site with clear information and lots of photographs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Very affordable prices
We're pleased to highly recommend Comfy Dog Boots! .


  1. Jeffie must have been a very happy dog! Daisy has a hard time with her feet when it gets really cold. She wears booties too. Hers are a bit different, but they work too. So glad you found some new ones for Jeffie. I could totally relate to the ones that fell off.

  2. Jeffie - you fashion model you! Looking sharp :-)

    I used to have a dog that 'needed' boots but who refused to wear them; he would walk and shake/flip his feet in such a way that the boots would come off within three steps. I wish these had been around then!

  3. Thanks for this review. My preference is to buy American-made and when I can help someone grow their business because they have great products - what a bonus!

  4. Woof! Woof! LOVE the color. Have an enjoyable time out side. Wishing you guys a Happy Valentine’s Day! Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Wow that's great Sue! My dogs have never worn boots but there have been a couple of times where ice has gotten wedged in their pads, plus walking on the salted roads causes me concern. These do seem reasonably priced too! And it looks like Jeffie loves them!!


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