Friday, February 1, 2013

Tiny Confessions Dog Art | Product Review

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?  Why is your cat looking at you that way?  Christopher Rozzi is providing some answers with his Tiny Confessions.

Tiny Confessions are handcrafted prints of original paintings of dogs, cats, and other creatures.  In addition to the very charming artwork, Rozzi provides a few secret thoughts and a few guilty admissions!  A wide selection is available at his Tiny Confessions shop on Etsy.

We think the confessions are pretty dog-gone cute!  The artwork is truly lovely.  The expressions on the dogs is what truly captured my attention.  Rozzie is a guy who pays attention to the details.   Some are hilarious, some are sweet, and all are simply "truth."

We were offered our choice of art print in exchange for our honest review and chose the Labrador Retriever at Tiny Confessions.  Available in tan, green, blue or pink, it includes the confession:  I have information pertaining to the whereabouts of your shoe.   Hmmm, Rudy must have been talking to Rozzi!

Our art print arrived very quickly, carefully packaged in a high quality plastic sleeve and non-bendable mailer.  It is an 8x10 inch print of an original painting with a white border.  

The image itself measures 7.75" x 9.75" and is printed on professional quality archival matte paper with archival pigment ink.  Plus, it includes the artist's original signature.  Retail price is $20 plus shipping.

Tiny Confessions also offers these art prints in a smaller size (5" x 7").  Either would make a barking good gift for any pet lover, especially for Valentine's Day!
We love our art print from Tiny Confessions and highly recommend them.

 Perhaps best of all, two lucky Talking Dogs readers will win their choice of Tiny Confessions art prints!  

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us which print you would choose.  Then be sure to take advantage of the Rafflecopter form for some extra entries!

Christopher Rozzi is an artist, writer, and comedian living in New York City.  Tiny Confessions are his way of combining comedy with art. His new book Tiny Confessions: The Secret Thoughts of Dogs, Cats and Everything,  will be released May 7, 2013.  Published with Perigee/Penguin, it is available for pre-sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound.

Talking Dogs was given a Tiny Confessions art print, plus two more for giveaway prizes, in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are those of Talking Dogs.
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  1. They are so cute! Unfortunately, no one ever has a Kelpie in their least that I've seen.

  2. Omg, I can't wait for this book! (Don't tell the dogs, but I really got a chuckle out of some of the cat ones too - like the black cat, "I secretly root against your sport teams.")

    Hard choice, like the Labs, but finally I think I would go with the Collie, "I find that only the off-limits chair suits my comfort needs." That is my dear Jenny :-)
    [Finally gave up on an off-limits chair and went to blankets/covers on everything.]

  3. Very nice review, and I love Christopher Rozzi's art. We are not joining the contest, but I am sure looking forward to the book in May.

  4. These are cute! I love the pit bull one and don't think it could be anymore true lol.

  5. I keep entering to win and I hope I do this time! I entered on Conscious Cat as well...anyway...the one I love that looks exactly like Cody is

  6. So sorry I missed the contest but I love that you wrote about this artist. Great fun and did he ever capture the mind of the Labrador retriever!


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