Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dog Wants a Subaru Thanks to Grant Weber

You may not know this, but Jeffie is the mailman at For Love of a Dog.  So far he's been content to be driven by a personal chauffeur. 

That was until he was watching the Puppy Bowl and spotted the new Subaru advertisements.

Oh, oh.   

Subaru has a new Canine Sales Associate, Grant Weber.  Grant sells cars to dogs.   Now, that does make sense, since dogs have been driving Subaru vehicles for years.  

Of course, that was news to Jeffie, whose mail department chores keep him so busy that he doesn't watch much TV and has never surfed to YouTube.  And so far, he's not yet logged in to Facebook and seen the new Subaru apps at

He was glued to the TV during the Puppy Bowl and sure didn't miss the video where Grant Weber shows how easy it is for a dog to buy a Subaru.

Then he saw this one that really got his focused attention

In fact, all three of our dogs were glued to the TV for the Subaru ads.  There was some discussion about how many dogs would fit in a Subaru.  After all, vehicle decisions - like all important decisions in our family- are made with the dogs uppermost in mind.

Here's the one that sent Jeffie over the edge   When he drove up in the mail truck and Grant just smiled and waved in welcome:

We're in trouble now.  Jeffie wants to test drive a Subaru.

And he's has asked for a raise.

* This post is sponsored by Subaru. We are being compensated for helping spread the word about the Subaru Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Talking Dogs only shares news for things we support.


  1. There are going to be so many happy Subaru driving dogs now.

  2. I think Cali has passed her prime driving years :) She is all about being toted around in her Toyota minivan!! Their ads are sure fun!


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