Friday, April 5, 2013

Follow Up Friday: Dog Party, Puppy Photos and More

I'm glad to be joining Heart Like a Dog in the Follow-up Friday blog hop again this week.  This is the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Hosted by FUF creator, Jodi, at Heart Like a Dog and co-hosted this week by 2 Brown Dawgs.

All the month of April, we're celebrating Jeffie's 7th birthday.  Because of the "party favors" we're giving away this week (see below), we're also participating in Fido's Freebie Friday blog hop which is co-hosted by Dog Tipper, All Things Dog Blog and Doggies and Stuff

We're part of another giveaway this week at Dakota's Den!  Enter to win a special Dog Blogger Necklace from For Love of a Dog created especially to celebrate the Blog Paws Conference event next month.  Not a dog blogger? Not attending Blog Paws?  No worries - this necklace can be personalized just for you.  Plus, if you're not the lucky winner, you can fetch one for yourself at For Love of a Dog.

Rosie Update
Our puppy girl is growing up.  Fast.  On Sunday, she weighed 40 pounds!  On Monday, she jumped on the bed all by herself.  Her coat began to show some curls a couple of weeks ago and there's now some telltale feathering.  She is, by far, the easiest puppy we've ever had.  Zero destruction.  All joy.

Coyote Update
The visitors we shot at must have spread the word.  The only coyotes weve seen lately have been the hunting pair.  We've spotted them far to the south along our boundary line.  I like carrying the airhorn with me, but it has had a strange side affect.  During the March Madness basketball games, when the airhorns sound off?  The dogs race to either the front door or slider to see the "danger."

Bithday Party for Jeffie:  You're Invited!
I know Jeffie joins me in thanking  everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!  Rosie is still panting from all the zoomies she and Gizmo were doing the first day.  And we found out that Snoopy is having a birthday this month...  our own Dog Daddy and Jodi, too!

Celebrate Jeffies' Birthday with Monkeys:  Enter Now!
Jeffie's party kicked off with a giveaway for a pair of monkey earrings from For Love of a Dog and a Skinneeez Big Bite water bottle dog toy. There's still time to enter, so visit this blog post and get to work with that Rafflecopter!  

Next week's party favors?  A giveway of KONG dog treats!  After all, what would a birthday party be without treats?!

Yesterday we did a taste testing of some dog treats for review and giveaway on the blog.  This was Rosie's 2nd official taste testing.  She knows the drill!  I'm looking forward to sharing the photos because, since it is a birthday party, they're all wearing their party hats.  Some of the photos are blurry because the photographer was laughing so much.  I'm not sure who had too much party punch - the photographer or the dogs!

Jodi asked when exactly is Jeffie's birthday.  Jeffie was born in early March and we adopted him April 28.  Since we don't know the exact date of his birth, we've always celebrated his birthday in April.  BTW, Jeffie was an early Mother's Day gift for me from the Dog Daddy.

Celebrating Jeffie:  Wordless Wednesday
Time passes in the blink of an eye.  Jeffie puppy cuteness evolved into a sweetheart of 7 years.  Thankfully, I have lots of puppy pictures of Jeffie and I'll be sharing more later this month.  I'm terribly biased, but I think he was adorable and all the blog comments made my day!

And, Jackie, Jeffie mentioned to me something about Rita flirting with him at his party... but that whole tequila thing kinda made him nervous!

Jeffie Was a Cush Dog
I realize that having two dogs at once (or more) is not doable for some.  It has been for me and, frankly, I don't know what I would have done without my cush dogs.

Bailey writes that they've been thinking about getting a cush dog for their dog.  I recommend it.  Rudy has been Jeffie's cush dog through the loss of Tucker and Lucy last year.

Well, we've had a big week of birthday fun!  Right now Jeffie is napping and resting up for more fun to come!


  1. Woof! Woof! and More Woofs for celebrating Barkday for a month. Cute puppy photo. LOVE the hat. Lots of Golden woofs, Sugar

  2. What a funny story about how your dogs respond to the air horns on TV. I think you are lucky to have a chance to see coyotes. Why did you shoot at them? I'm sure you had a very good reason - they are predators after all. Sweet photos of Jeffie!

    1. I probably should have linked that part of the update to some past posts. We've got some coyotes here in our rural neighborhood who are not at all afraid of humans and seem to be stalking our puppy. So, the guns are out and handy these days. Thanks, Amy, Jeffie is just as sweet as he looks :-)

  3. First of all, I can't believe that little black fur ball weighs 40 lbs already! Sheesh. I'm still holding out hope I win the monkeys. Have a great weekend!

    1. I know! But puppies do grow.... ;-) Good luck re: the monkey!

  4. Great follow-up Sue, thank you so much for joining us!! I love the photos of puppy Jeffie, so cute. One of the regrets I have is no puppy pictures of Delilah, that makes me sad as i have so many of my Sampson. I do have one photo I took shortly after she joined us and I swear I see a puppy there, but that is the only one. I bet she was adorable.

    Rosie sounds like my Sampson, he was an easy puppy too, although he did do some wood chewing.. Which I think is a great idea for a post, so I won't share that here.:-)

    I entered Caren's contest but if I don't win, please, Please, PLEASE put me down for one of those necklaces!

    Have a great weekend and please, give the puppies a kiss from me.

    1. Thanks, Jodi. I've never been good about taking photographs. Just don't think of it and I really kick myself about it when I think of other, earlier dogs of whom I have very few photos. Then, of course, there are the ones who joined us as adults and I never got to see as puppies. (sigh)
      Rosie chewing? Only monkeys, plus sticks outside :-)

  5. Happy Friday!!! Great follow-up. I enjoyed all your posts this week. A continued Happy Birthday to Jeffie.

  6. This has been one exciting week! Can't wait to see what else is going on!

  7. Rosie, it's nice to see you growing up so fast! And I'm glad to hear that you are a good puppy!!! Jeffie, it makes more sense to celebrate the day you came into your new home. Rumpy at the Rumpy Dog blog calls that Gotcha Day. :0)

  8. Rosie's my kind of girl and I'll run zoomies with her any day...Glad those coyotes have moved on...Momz loves that last picture of Jeffie with all his "freckles" & she loves that beautiful necklace...Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Oh my goodness cute puppy and party pictures today! Thunder was 7 in March. You are right, time passes so quickly. Have a nice weekend!

  10. Happy birthday Jeffie! I can't believe that Rosie is 40 pounds already - they grow up way too fast!!

  11. Happy Birthmonth again, Jeffie! Good job staying alert during March Madness and raising Rosie up right. Handsome fella you are. Mom and I can't wait to see more party hat pics. Looks like y'all are having a blast!


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