Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jeffie's Birthday Party Pet Photo Contest

It may be Wednesday, but we're not wordless today!

You've seen some photos of Rudy, Rosie and Jeffie at Jeffie's birthday party celebration.  Now, its time for you to join in the fun!

Is your pet attending Jeffie's birthday party?  Is he/she having a good time?  What is his/her best party look?  Can you show it in a photo?

Do you love winning prizes and see your fur baby's photo online?

Here you go!

Jeffie's Birthday Party Photo Contest and Giveaway!
  • Submission dates:  Now through April 27  (winner announced April 30)
  • Send (to sue (at) forloveofadog (dot) com: photo showing your pet at the party (if you'd like a caption included, let me know)
  • For each photo sent (maximum 3 different photos per person), your name will be entered into a random drawing (
  • One (1) person will win a
$25 (USD) gift card to

Here's what we'll do with your photos:
Photos will be published on this blog on Fridays in April, plus on a special birthday page on this blog.  The winner will be announced on April 30.

The fine print:
  • This giveaway is open to everyone. (You don't have to be a Talking Dogs follower/subscriber to enter, but that would be nice.) NOTE:  Since the prize is an gift card (in US dollars), if you have access to shopping on, you can win!
  • More than one pet may appear in one photo
  • Please tell me the name(s) of the pet(s) in each photo.
  • Please tell me the name of your pet blog if you have one.
  • By submitting a photo, you are agreeing to let me publish that photo on the Talking Dogs blog and in a photo slideshow/video on our YouTube channel (with no advertising.)
  • Amazon has not compensated us in any way in exchange for mentioning their name here.
As we've said before... 
Join us!  It just isn't a party without you!


    1. Aww, what a thoughtful contest. Could a Canadian enter? :)

      1. Since the prize is an Amazon gift card (in US dollars), I don't see why not! Forgive me for not thinking about that! I'll edit this post pronto :-)

    2. Rosie,Rudy, Jeffie, that picture is sooo freaking cute! You guys are adorables! I am definitely entering your contest later today!!!!!!! Bookmarked!

    3. Woof! Woof! Great! mom need to find my barkday hat ... will definitely participate. Happy BlogPAWs NOT Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    4. Oh this is great! I JUST had a "photo shoot" with Shiner yesterday and have some good pics for ya. I'll have to send them after tomorrow though! ;)

    5. Cool - I just had a birthday in January... happy to share. WOOF WOOF WOOF!

    6. Wooo! Hoo! Me must go look for our pawty hats!

    7. What a fun contest! Now I have to go buy a birthday hat!

    8. Cute dog party picture! The party hat may be on the side, but it's on, ha!

    9. Jeffie, it is so nice of you to give on your own birthday! We will share!

      Jessica and Luna from Beagles and Bargains

    10. Slimdoggy jack loves parties! He wants to join!

    11. Love the picture! You guys are adorable!

    12. Fun - I will attempt to get a party-worthy photo of Rita to send in!

    13. We don't have much luck with hats around here...some Bull Terrier has a tendency to try and shred them as they're being put on her thick little bone-head :0

      I'm looking forward to seeing some good pictures!

    14. Darn! The only birthday photos I have are ones where I added clip art. I can't wait to see what everyone submits! :0)

    15. That's a great contest, Sue. Our best party get-up is having mud all over the dogs' fur and foodies on their beardies.

      Good luck to the contestants!

    16. Stopping by from the hop...I love a party, I think I will submit a photo and I know just the right one :)


    Go ahead... bark at us!