Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Reflections - Mule Style | Wordless Wednesday

Our mules Bonnie and Clyde

If winter is slumber,
spring is birth,
and summer is life...
then autumn rounds out to be reflection.
~ Mitchell Burgess

In honor of National Mule Day

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  1. We saw you at the blog hop and hopped over with a sock ,so it's kinda a blog sock hop for us :)
    We love that photo, us dogs here at Willows have mini ponies in our back yard so we can identify ,sort of .
    Bark and we hope to get t know you better,
    Cricket, Jayda and Gabby T' Terrier ~ Willows's dogs :))

  2. I love this. Is it framed somewhere in your house?

  3. The color scheme is incredible

  4. beautiful!! The composition, reflection in the water, colors...just wonderful!

  5. Beautiful photo! Mom had a set of gerbils called Bonnie and Clyde, cute names for the Mules!

  6. Gorgeous! Those mules look very huggable. (Is it weird that I want to hug a mule? They look so soft!)

  7. Awesome photo! I love your mules names too!

  8. That is so gorgeous! I love the reflection in the water.


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