Monday, March 4, 2013

Night Dawg Collar from Safety Gear Online: Product Review

When Safety Gear Online contacted us to see if we'd like to try a complimentary Night Dawg collar, we made sure they understood that our dogs are not walked on a leash at night.  

In fact, our dogs are free to roam in our two acre back yard.  Though we do have some spotlights, there are large sections that are truly dark.

There are times when they're out there that we can hear them, but can't see a thing.  So, we thought it would be fun to try one of these collars and see if we could keep better track of the dogs.

According to Safety Gear Online, Night Dawg collars are a great tool for any dog owner.  When walking your dog after dark, it can provide visibility to motorist.  In addition, a Night Dawg collar can help an owner locate their furry friend if they wander off into woods at night.

Night Dawg LED Light-Up Dog Collars have a built in LED system that glows quite brightly.  There's a power switch built right into the nylon webbed collar which controls three light modes:  glow, flash, and off.  Easy to change batteries last for up to 150 hours.  They're water resistant (not waterproof) and come in three adjustable sizes:  small 10-13", medium 13-18", and large 18-27".  All of the Night Dawg collars come in red and retail on the Safety Gear Online web site for $14.95.

We were given one size large Night Dawg collar to try.  Sizing instructions are included and involve removing the light-up LED component from the nylon webbing collar and cutting it to size.  Then you must re-insert it, which could be tricky for some folks, depending on your dexterity and patience.  The power switch was very easy to operate.

I originally thought that Rudy would be my guinea pig for this review.  However, he was not particularly keen on the flashing mode, plus he plays with puppy Rosie so much, I was afraid she might damage the collar and nix the review.

Jeffie didn't mind the Night Dawg collar in any mode.  

Frankly, I thought this was pretty cool.  No matter where he roamed in the yard, I could easily see the glowing red collar.  Unfortunately, my photography skills were a bit lacking when I tried to get photos of Jeffie in the inky darkness.   I used my photo editing tools to lighten up these photos, so you can see the dog and I was grateful for the full moon.

The bottom line:  If you need or want to be able to see your dog in the pitch black of night and / or want to make sure that drivers can, then this is a great product!  In fact, if you're walking your dog at night, you might want to also invest in a matching Night Dawg LED dog leash.

Talking Dogs received one complimentary Night Dawg LED Light-Up Dog Collar from Safety Gear Online to try out for this review.  We were not financially compensated for our honest opinion of this product.


  1. I've been thinking about getting something for Rita when we go out for walks at night. Thanks for the review! I'll check this out.

  2. We use a similar color with a light attached and use it for our black lab when he is out at night. I would never know where he is without it. We never go for walks at night either, just way to dark and how are you going to see their poop to clean it up. LOL

  3. Woof! Woof! We have their leash and it's helpful. Its best to be safe at night/ in dark. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. This collar is really helpful to spot dog in dark night !!


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