Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Different Sort of Canine Wordless Wednesday

So, one afternoon I look out and what do I see?  A pair of coyotes.

 The word has gotten out:  
our fallow pasture is perfect for hunting field mice.
Rabbits, too.

Fascinating to watch, but ...

 They're too close for comfort.

The dogs were beside themselves.  
Though the coyotes heard them, the barking (from inside the house)
didn't bother them.  At all.
Hours later they went on their way
 and I could finally let our dogs out.

Then, the next day during a white-out snow storm, 
Jeffie began going crazy at the front door.  
When I check to see what's up ... 

 They're back.



 Having brunch.

In my front yard.

Please... run along little doggies!

Okay... not so wordless!  As I write this, I'm glad to report that though we hear them howling at night, we've not seen coyotes in the daytime. 

 And, just in case, you've never heard them, have a listen to this audio.


  1. Woof! Woof! Oh my, I'll be scared to go out. Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Time to get a livestock guardian dog for the dogs.

    We used to have coyotes on our property out west. They didn't bother the dogs but the chickens did not fare so well....

  3. I have to say that I love coyotes. They are survivors because they have had to be. However, obviously you need to take precautions. especially as we go into Spring.

  4. Oh very cool. We had coyotes near our house when we lived there. Love hearing them howl.

  5. Oh my, very close to home. I hope they move on, due to Spring is coming and you'll want your dogs out, but not when the coyotes are there!

  6. Great pictures. I had to put in ear buds to listen to them howl, since one of my Labs, Cody, heard them and immediately went on guard-dog duty - woofing away at the interlopers. :)

  7. That seems a little too close for comfort! Loved seeing the pictures though, we have been extra careful on our walks in the woods lately, even though I'm not sure if they are in this immediate area we have heard of sightings nearby.

  8. I sure that was neat to see but my dogs are rabbit-size so it would have made me really nervous! Dogs gotta pee sometime :)

  9. We have coyotes out here too. They seem to be everywhere these days. They mostly come out at night. Keep safe you guys. Just became one of your newest followers. Happy WW!

  10. I would keep a VERY close eye on them. I wouldn't let the dogs out without you being there. We even have them in the SUBURBS (highly populated with stores and people) where we live. My friend's cat was killed by one. Please be careful!

  11. Yikes! They are beautiful - but I'd be worried. We also have them here in the 'burbs of San Diego. San Diego is built on a lot of canyons, so you every once in a while, you'll get a coyote in the middle of a heavily populated area. They are not scared off easily! I hope they "run along" too!

  12. I've been hearing them a lot lately. When these suburbs surrounding my house were built a few years ago they kinda went away, but I guess they decided to come back now. Makes sense because we have a lot of rabbits and mice around here.

  13. Wow that would be a bit unnerving! I hope they stay on their side and migrate themselves along. They are fascinating to watch though aren'tthey?

  14. Coyotes are such cool guys. But, more often than not they appear to run away from people and bigger dogs around here.

  15. How scary yet fascinating all at the same time! My two fools would want to give chase, I know they would. How safe is your fence? Normally I just let my guys out without checking.

    Last week I watched Delilah run silently (she can learn) but quickly up the fence line, I watched as deer ran from five different directions to escape her. She was behind the fence though and couldn't get to them.

  16. That is really something...Of course I'd have to keep Gizmo indoor, but I'd be totally fascinated to watch them...I guess this is unusual in your area...I wonder what's brought them so close to humans

  17. They are so gorgeous! I've never seen two together!

  18. That is pretty close! We have them in our suburban neighbourhood, and usually they'll cross the road and carry on their business, but after an encounter (this one actually: where one got way too close even though I was walking 2 Newfoundlands, I've taken to carrying an airhorn on walks with me when it's dusk or dark out (and in Canada, that's like 4:30pm in the winter). I've had to use it and it's an excellent deterrent.

    I hear "marking" your own property is a good deterrent ... if you know what I mean.


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