Monday, March 25, 2013

Dancing in the Snow: Our First Real Video

Drum roll, please.  I finally got it together to take some video of Rosie playing in the snow!  

Actually, this is the first video footage I've shot that I've managed to upload from the camera to the computer.  Sigh...

If you think the quality could be improved, you're not alone in that opinion.  You should see what I edited out!

However, biased as I am, I think Rosie and Rudy look pretty cute in Dancing in the Snow.

I swore that this year I'd manage to do some video.  I mean, what's the point of a YouTube channel if you don't post new videos?!   And, let's face it, having a new puppy in the family is a great motivator.

Plus, I've purchased some software that promises to help me transfer VHS to DVD, so (fingers crossed) soon I can share some footage of the original talking dogs, Tucker and Lucy in their prime.

One final note:  Yes, I am well aware that my camera has a zoom function.  Hopefully, I'll remember to use it next time!


  1. That is adorable. I love how Rosie sticks her nose in the snow and comes up with some on her nose.

    I have to tell you how impressed I am at how well Rudy plays with her!

  2. Rosie has stolen our hearts. Thanks for sharing the snowy noses.

  3. you did a FABULOUS job! The love between Rosie and Rudy is really evident in this video. Everything you do is so meticulous!! I need to learn from you!!
    This video almost makes me like the snow :)

  4. Soooo cute. I love them in their little jackets! (But all that snow did make me shiver...)

  5. Your first video? It's awesome! Such sweet doggies playing in the snow.

  6. Woof! Woof! Congrats on your snow video. Rosie totally LOVES the snow. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Adorable :-) Rosie is growing so fast!

  8. They are so cute together! I think you did a really nice job with the video!


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