Friday, March 29, 2013

Follow-up Friday: Bunny Ears, the Big Head, Senior Dogs and more

I'm glad to be joining Heart Like a Dog in the Follow-up Friday blog hop again this week.  This is the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Hosted by FUF mastermind, Jodi, at Heart Like A Dog and co-hosted this week by Lisa at Dogs N Pawz.

Before I begin my follow-up, I just want to mention a few things. 

Love dogs wearing rabbit ears?  Be sure to come back on Sunday to see Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie in their bunny ears in honor of Easter.

Be sure to visit Talking Dogs during the month of April, because we're going to be celebrating Jeffie's 7th birthday ALL MONTH LONG.  There will be a different giveaway each week - hint: don't miss us on Tuesdays!

I have to thank Kathy Hensel Porter for the very lovely article she published this week on her Healing Rescue Pets blog about my life and For Love of a Dog jewelry business.  Kathy's doing a series of interviews with women who followed their dreams and created pet related businesses.  My interview is long, thorough, and Kathy did a wonderful job telling my For Love of a Dog story.

Finally, I have to shout WOOF at Caren Gittleman.  Here I am, just reading my Google Reader and I stumble on a totally unsolicited fabulous review of For Love of a Dog and my jewelry work.  I was gobsmacked and absolutely thrilled.  She better watch out or I'll get "the Big Head!"   Be sure to visit Dakota's Den on April 1 to enter a very special giveaway she's hosting.  I promise - this is no April Fools Day joke!

And, finally, a bit of follow-up:

Dancing in the Snow: Our First Real Video
I just want to thank everyone for their comments!  Obviously, Rosie has stolen our hearts, too, and we love watching her play with Rudy, with or without snow!  Hopefully, my skill at the "video thing" will improve as I remember where the zoom is and steady my hands.  LOL  I need to hurry up with that because Rosie is growing up fast.

Busted:  Dog Fighting Ring in KS MO TX
Last I heard, 100 dogs were seized and most were Pit Bulls.  (Frankly, I can't say much more about this story in polite company, if you know what I mean.)

March Madness: Wordless Wednesday Not
Over the years, Jeffie has learned that yelling at the television is okay and not directed at him.  He consistently is THE BEST comforter when your team is having a bad day, too!  Happily, both of my teams are in the Sweet Sixteen:  KU Jayhawks and Duke Blue Devils.  Rosie can have her cookies, I'll take my boys in blue.  (The dog daddy was for the Tar Heels.)  

Adoptable Senior Dog: Surrendered because He is Old
Mac, senior Lab mix, adoptable dog. Photo: Kim Hansen
Freddie, senior Lab, adoptable dog. Photo: Petfinder

Mac, 12 year old Lab mix, and his companion, Freddie, a female black Lab, were discovered by a realtor.  They'd been left behind in an empty house that had been foreclosed.  Please, people, share these pups!


  1. Hey Sue, thanks for joining us on FUF! Anytime you want to co-hostess, just let me know, it's almost as simple as joining the hop. :-)

    Congratulations on your interview, I'll be sure to check it out, I'm sure it's just as lovely as your jewelry.

    And Caren had a lovely post as well.

    Your little Rosie is so dang cute, I could sit and watch videos of her for hours. My videos still stink! I remember one I took of my nephew's graduation from boot camp, I was sitting in the front seat resting the camera on the railing and it still shook. LOL most times when I look at mine, I've shut them off too soon, but I just keep posting them anyway.

    The way people treat animals in this country makes me want to scream and swear, honestly abandoning two senior dogs when you leave a home. What kind of (can you actually call them) human, does that? As for the dog fighting, I wish I could take those a-holes and treat them the same way they treat the dogs.

    Did you see the article about the seven dogs that were euthanized because they mauled an 18 month old toddler? The grandmother WOKE UP and found the dogs attacking the toddler in the YARD. What's wrong with THAT picture? They're still deciding IF they'll press charges. SMH

    Have a great weekend and thanks again for joining us!

  2. Woof! Woof! Great way to celebrate barkday, all month long. LOVE the bunny ears. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Thanks for joining FUF today! Mommy got us bunny ears too and she says we have to wear them for Easter:(

    That is so sad about Mac and Freddie. What is wrong with humans that they would leave such sweet doggies behind? It breaks our heart.

  4. Awwww shucks! You made me blush!!! Of course I am going to post about a bracelet I won, silly woman!!

  5. Caren is always reviewing such neat stuff. That was awesome of her!

    I feel so bad for those two seniors - good think the realtor found them. Poor pups. I can't imagine doing something so awful as just leaving your dogs behind.

  6. I read both posts about you and your jewelry and they were both excellent...You may deserve the "big head" at least just through the weekend ;) Sadly my Miami Hurricanes blew it last night :( Good luck to your teams...I've shared about Mac where I could and wish him a wonderful new home very soon

  7. Happy Friday woofs & huggies! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  8. Great follow-up and Happy Friday! Our dogs have also had to learn that I yell at the tv while watching sporting events, it isn't about

  9. Just hopping by for FUF, great post!! So glad someone found them before it was to late, poor babies :(

    Your jewelry is lovely, I do some beading myself :)


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