Friday, March 15, 2013

Adoration: Rudy

Rosie and Rudy 
Did you ever adopt a puppy or dog for your dog?  We did.  Well, sort of.  

We'd been talking about adding a puppy or young dog to our family to give Jeffie a partner.  Lucy and Tucker were seniors when we adopted Jeffie.

Poor Jeffie was always the third wheel and odd man out.  Lucy tolerated him; Tucker wasn't much interested in playing with him.

Our pack at that time: Tucker, Rudy, Lucy B, Jeffie
At least that was one of the rationalizations we used when Gary fell in love with Rudy.

Jeffie and Rudy

Jeffie knew it.  Rudy was his puppy from the get-go.  We were amazed at how Jeffie devoted himself to that puppy.  In fact, Rudy even seemed to feel he belonged to Jeffie.  What a duo.  Jeffie was almost five years old at the time, but he became both a puppy, as well as an older brother to Rudy.

In January, we adopted our girl, Rosie.  She clearly adores all of us, but something special happened with Rudy.

Rudy, the big lug of an overgrown puppy, at age 2 1/2 fell in love.  He is besotted with Rosie, as only an older brother of a baby could be.

We already knew Rudy was a sweetheart, but we didn't know just how sweet.
Jeffie, Rosie and Rudy

Rowdy Rudy has played so carefully, so tenderly, with this puppy that it is hard to describe.  He began bringing his favorite monkeys (what we call plush toys) to her for Rosie's inspection, approval, and delight.

Rudy brings Kongs and balls to Rosie and rolls them for her.

Rosie and Rudy
His most prized possession is his Jolly ball.  She was not much bigger than the Jolly ball the first time Rudy brought it to her.  He dangled it in front of her.  He tossed it on the ground before her.  He play bowed.

These days he still is enthralled.  Rosie wins every game.

Rosie and Rudy

When Rudy comes running to me with his Jolly ball - beside himself with excitement to play - the moment Rosie decides she wants to play, too, the ball is hers.   There's never a moment of keep-away.

Rudy and Rosie

We have to keep a close eye when treats are given because Rudy will gladly give his up to Rosie.

Rosie wants his food?  Fine by Rudy.

He does all this with such a sense of joy and with such a look of tenderness on his face that he breaks our hearts wide open with love.

Rudy, big brother extraordinaire!



  1. Awww that's so sweet. I love how dogs "just know". I want a puppy now :-)

  2. That's so sweet. I don't think I could bring a puppy in, it was a disaster at Christmas with my daughter's bulldog. :-(

  3. Love that last photo...that is one happy pup.

  4. that was the most darling post ever!!! What a lover Rudy is!

  5. Awwww, that is so adorable! Hmmm... might have to get Rita a puppy one of these days....

  6. Is there room for both Jeffie and Rosie in Rudy's heart? And what is the relationship between Jeffie and Rosie?


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