Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company

If you've enjoyed our Dog Song Saturdays at Talking Dogs, you've already heard some of the barking good tunes from Laurel Canyon Animal Company.  You also know that all of us - two and four leggers - love songs about dogs, especially original songs about dogs.  That's why we've featured several of Skip Haynes compositions and dog music videos.  I thought it was about time we told you more about them.

Skip Haynes is the hit songwriter and artist who founded the Laurel Canyon Animal Company in 1999 with his neighbor, Dana Walden.  Their concept was to create a record company that produced original music exclusively for animal lovers and that could help organizations and individuals that helped animals.

Their first endeavor, Ugly dogs Need More Love - based on their neighborhood dogs - led to their second CD, Cat-A-Tonic.  Then they though it would be fun to actually work with an animal.  This led them to signing a green parrot named Carla to their label and creating and releasing I'm a Green Chicken - with Carla singing the lead vocal in the chorus.

Working with the parrot led them to the idea of interspecies musical communication, so the next animal they signed was Koko - the only lowland gorilla in the world who understands English and communicates through sign language.  Using the idea of creating music with animals, they hired intuitive animal communicator Dr. Kim Ogden.  With her input they created Songs to Make Dogs Happy.

Canine focus groups selected from over 200 dogs nationwide were assembled and questioned by Dr. Ogden as to their preferences in music and content.  The result is a unique CD of songs which dogs love.  Songs to Make Dogs Happy has been used by shelters to calm the animals, helps ease separation anxiety, and used by vets to help dogs in recovery.  

Current releases from Laurel Canyon Animal Company include:
Clicking on those links will take you to cdbaby.com where you can listen to samples of the CD tracks and make your purchase if you're so inclined.
Have a look and listen below to Skip Haynes tell the story of Laurel Canyon Animal Company and enjoy a sample of some of our favorite dog songs!    .

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  1. This is too much fun! I love the idea of music and animals and think it is an area that does not see enough research. Given that music affects humans so deeply it should follow it can do so with animals as well. Though I am sure my dog and I dffer greatly in taste.


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