Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adopt a Shelter Dog | Find a New Best Friend

This is the face of a shelter dog.

When we arrived at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, this adorable black Labrador Retriever mix puppy was all alone in a kennel.  Turns out he was part of a litter that was surrendered to the animal shelter.  His brothers and sisters were chocolate and yellow.  All of them were adopted at 8-9 weeks, as soon as they were made available for adoption.  So, all alone now, there he waited.

Maybe he was waiting for us because we fell in love.  We named him Spanky Doo and enjoyed 12 years of adventures with him.  12 years of unconditional love.

You can have that, too!  If you're thinking about adding a new best friend to your family, check out the nearest animal shelter.  

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  
Want a black dog like we did?  They're got 'em!  
Want a purebred dog?  They've got 'em!  
Love is waiting for you....  what are you waiting for?!
Fetch Petfinder to see over 375,000 adoptable pets from almost 14,000 adoption groups!

Here are some of the dogs available for adoption right now at Spanky's alma mater!


  1. Love the post. Always good to remind people to adopt not shop. We think rescue is the best breed.
    Thanks for sharing/reminding that October is National Adopt a Shelter dog month :-)
    Mom Barb for Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas,Rosie


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