Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Petfinder: Help is Needed after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy animal shelter news from the Petfinder blog:

"For the northeastern region of the US, the high winds and rain of Superstorm Hurricane Sandy have moved on. Petfinder shelters and adoption groups are rising to the challenge of recovering from the worst of the storm. Other Petfinder members further west will continue to face wind and rain as Sandy travels on.

"We are slowly receiving feedback from our member shelters. Many are still without power. We will share their needs with you as they check in.
Please reach out to your local shelter or rescue group to learn if they need assistance. Give them a call, drop them an email, or look messages from them on social media sites like Facebook. It may take a little while for organizations to get back to you if their power is still down. You can locate shelters and adoption groups in your area via our Animal Welfare Organization search on the left side of our homepage.
  • New London Animal Control was seriously damaged by a tree. Their pets have been moved, but the shelter is unusable at this time. The situation has been reported by local news.
  • Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) had already evacuated their shelter in advance of the storm. Luckily their facility did not flood. Their animals are safe, and once the roads are open again they’ll start moving the pets back to the shelter.
New York:
  • Buddy’s Precious Angels Sanctuary had a tree come down on an empty kennel. They report that they are otherwise okay.
  • Amber’s Angels Rescue suffered fence damage due to a tree falling. Their animals are safe.
  • Rochester Animal Services set up a temporary animal shelter for the public in advance of the storm. Central and western New York state received less damaging weather than expected, so luckily the temporary shelter was not needed. This kind of advanced preparation takes so much stress off of the public when facing the uncertainty of a massive storm, so we really applaud Rochester for this.
  • Rescue Ink’s Long Beach Animal Shelter received serious water and wind damage. The building still stands and their pets are safe, but they need to replace supplies and refurbish the shelter.
New Jersey:
  • Woodbridge Animal Shelter reports that the first floor of their shelter flooded. Their pets were evacuated to the second floor. To foster or provide other assistance, call the shelter at 732-726-7036 and leave a message "

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