Thursday, June 23, 2011

Joplin Tornado Survivor: Family Searching for White Bulldog Hanah

Photo: Bring Hanah Home
I've written about Hanah in a previous post about pets and the Joplin tornado.   Hanah is still missing and her family is desperate to get her back.  Thanks to a photo taken after the twister and another siting, they know that Hannah survived the tornado.  Unfortunately, if Hannah returns to her home, there's nothing there.

Please take a look at this slide show about Hannah and pass it along via Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can share it.  Hannah may very well have been picked up by well meaning animal rescuers and now could be just about anywhere in the United States.  Pets who have been rescued from the storm will begin to be adopted out this weekend.

Hanah is 5 years old and weighed 110 pounds before the tornado.  She's an American Bulldog and a spayed female.  Hanah is white and has one blue eye and one hazel brown eye. 

Hanah has been seen twice since the tornado his Joplin on May 22.  Once on E 26th Street in Duquene.  Hanah lived on 27th Street.  The post-tornado photo in the slide show was taken in Duquense.  The people who live at that location have livestock.  Hanah was carried to the side of the house.  When the sirens went off in JHoplin the second night after the tornado, Hanah ran into some bushes.  Neighbors at a house two doors down spotted her in the yard later.

So far, Hanah has not been spotted at the Joplin Humane Society animal shelter.  There is a reward for her return - no questions asked.  If you see Hanah - at a local shelter or on a venue like Facebook - contact her owner, Kari Wilkes at 1-417-529-8088.  If you see Hanah in the Joplin area, please do NOT approach her.  Call that phone number to report the siting and someone will come asap.

You can read more about Hanah, her family, and the massive effort that has been launched to find her at Bring Hanah Home.

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  1. Hannah seen in Commerce OK 1/30/2016? Picture looks like her!


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