Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joplin Missouri Tornado: Elephant Assists in Recovery Efforts

It's not just dogs who are helping out in Joplin, after the tornado hit May 22.  The latest cleaning crew includes an elephant from the Piccadilly Circus.  Scheduled to perform in Joplin, the venue was destroyed by the EF5 tornado ravaged the town on May 22.

Some folks watching the elephant move heavy debris, some thought it was simply a publicity stunt.  Other observers thought it was great.  According to one Joplin resident:  "A St John's pediatrician told me that children, who'd been scared and jumping at every noise, broke out into big smiles and thought it was very, very cool indeed.  Everyone here is very stressed, but let's try to keep a generous spirit as much as possible.  Just look at the volunteers who've driven miles and put their lives on hold, just to help us dig ourselves out, in 90 degree heat.  Thank you circus!"


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