Monday, January 13, 2014

Rosie's Duke Blue Devils Dog Collar from Mutts N Bones | Monday Mischief

Rosie woofs for the Duke Blue Devils! 

You might remember from last year that at our house we're college basketball fanatics.  We try not to miss any of the games of our favorite teams.  

Long ago Jeffie joined me in rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks (as Tucker did before him), while Rudy joined the Dog Daddy in woofing for the UNC Tarheels.  Neither of them were thrilled with the Duke Blue Devils, even though the Dog Daddy and I barked pretty loudly for them.

Poor Rosie felt left out of all the profiling!
Then along came Rosie.  She seemed to take a licking liking to Coach K and his boys.

Early in December I was catching up with Twitter when I spied a tweet from Mutts-N-Bones about their college sports team dog collars.  I'd been shopping for a cute dog collar for Rosie from Santa Paws, so I thought I'd found the perfect thing.

I quickly clicked through to the Mutts-N-Bones shop on Etsy and was disappointed that none of our favorite teams were offered.  The artist, Aida, and I exchanged a couple of tweets because...  Mutts-N-Bones makes custom dog collars!
Rosie's new custom made collar from Mutt-N-Bones matches Daddy's cap!

In fact, Mutts-N-Bones dog collars are all handmade to order with a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks.  Rosie's new Duke Blue Devils collar includes black nylon webbing, Duke printed ribbon, black buckles and glide, with a nickel D ring.  It is very well made and beautiful.  

Rosie models her new Duke Blue Devils dog collar; Rudy can't bear to look.
So beautiful that I think Jeffie and Rudy just might be a tad jealous!
Jeffie likes the color, but thinks it should say: KU Jayhawks!
Mutts-N-Bones offers a wide variety of dog collars, leashes, bow ties, and pooh bags in many styles and sizes.  They also support no kill animal shelters / rescues and donate a portion of their profits accordingly.  Fetch them on their blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Note:  Aida will be putting her Etsy shop on vacation mode at the end of January for maternity leave and the shop will not reopen until February.  I purchased this custom made Duke Blue Devils dog collar for Rosie.  I received no merchandise or compensation of any kind.

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  1. Love the Duke collar...have to admit to being an Orange fan...I'm from Syracuse afterall!

    1. No apologies needed. When we're not woofing for our 3 favorite teams, we woof for the Orangemen!

  2. Very cool collar! Sports are something we don't do well. :(

  3. That is cool. We don't usually wear sports collars since our teams all stink and we don't want to "dress like losers", but we love collars in general.

  4. Very cool, she looks great in her new collar, I know nothing of those teams so go whoever.

  5. That is one fabulous looking collar for sure! Looks great with your black fur! xoxo

  6. How cool is that!!!

  7. Sport lovers!! That's really cool :)
    I love NBA but rarely see it now :(

  8. I know who the smartest one of the group is now. Go Jayhawks! ;) You know Maya and Pierson are from Lawrence, right?

    1. LOL! Jeffie and I totally agree with Maya and Pierson... Jayhawks rock!

  9. That is a cool new collar. We go for maize and blue here. ;)


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