Thursday, January 30, 2014

And the Winner of the Paw Print Pet Lover Bracelet #Giveaway Is...

Congratulations to
Dolly the Doxie!

Dolly the Doxie was selected at random by Rafflecopter as the winner of this paw print pet lover lampwork bracelet.  I've already sent Dolly the Doxie an email requesting a response within 24 hours with her wrist measurement and shipping information (or an alternate winner will be chosen.)

Thanks so much to everyone who participated.  I hope you'll all enter my February giveaway.  I promise it will be a good one!
You know I wasn't even going to include a question to answer in this Rafflecopter.  I'm so glad I did!  I'll be doing another giveaway in February and this definitely gave me some direction in terms of what to offer next.

Plus, I've had such fun reading your comments that I thought I'd do some sharing.  I have a hard time picking my favorite colors, since I simply really love COLOR.  The Dog Daddy would probably tell you my faves are:  yellow, raspberry pink, and turquoise.

Favorite color(s):
  • Black - 13
  • Purple  -  9
  • Green  -  7
  • Red   -  5
  • White  - 5
  • Blue  -  5
  • Turquoise  -  4
  • Lime Green  -  2
  • Coral, Mustard Yellow, Peach, Orange, Pink and Brown all came in at 1 each.

Favorite jewelry piece to wear:  Necklaces and bracelets were tied for "first place."  Earrings, rings, watches and ankle bracelets rounded out the replies.

Thanks to everyone who referenced my For Love of a Dog jewelry, especially:
  • Kristi who said her favorite piece of jewelry is my very special custom bracelet with all my dogs names on it.
  • Theresa who has a blue bracelet from For Love of a Dog that she loves and wears a lot.
  • Caren who said anything by ME is her fave.
 Several mentioned some awesome sounding pet jewelry - some in remembrance of a special pet, some urging adoption.  

Some mentioned very personally significant jewelry pieces as their favorites.
Emeraldmaz told about her honeymoon when she and her groom each picked an oyster.  Her husband's had a black pearl; hers a white pearl and they had a necklace created from the pearls.  How romantic is that?!

My own favorite piece of jewelry has sentimental attachment for me, too.  It's my engagement ring - an antique aquamarine set in Black Hills gold.

Whatever your favorites might be, I do hope you'll join me in our next giveaway - coming soon!   In the meantime, fetch For Love of a Dog Jewelry for some barking good gifts for special dog lovers - and that includes you!

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  1. How very generous - making a give away a regular part of your blog! You have so many lovely pieces that choosing favorites must be hard; the older I get the more I like color and sparkle ;-)

  2. Congrats to the winner! Beautiful stuff! Thanks for having the giveaway.

  3. Congrats to the winner! Your engagement ring sounds lovely! I love Black Hills gold.

  4. Mom is sooo excited that she won something for her and not me! Thanks so much for the giveaway we can't wait to get it! Love Dolly

  5. Congrats to Dolly, I bet she will be giving it to her lucky mom!

  6. Dolly the Doxie is a Lucky Doggie!!! :)


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