Sunday, November 17, 2013

Over 250 Rabbits Goats Cats Dogs Chickens Rescued in MO

In 2010, 158 rabbits, dogs, cats, goats and fowl were rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri in Franklin County, Missouri.  

In a stipulated agreement with that County's prosecutor, the owner of the animals agreed that for a period of 2 years she would not acquire more animals than her 2 personal dogs, goats left on the property and 20 new rabbits.  That period ended February 2012.

This year, after being alerted by a concerned citizen about the possibility of a neglect situation, the HSMO Animal Cruelty Task Force contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.  After investigating, the Sheriff's Office served a warrant to remove the animals on November 12, 2013.

Over 250 animals were rescued this time.  The animals include:  192 domestic rabbits, 25 goats, 10 cats, 21 chickens, 4 dogs, 1 duck.  

According to the HSMO all of the animals were living in filthy conditions.  
The rabbits were housed in raised wire-bottom cages with feces piled in the cages as well as more than a foot under the cages.
Many of the cages were encrusted with dirt and hair, plus have little to no shelter from the weather.  
Water for many of the animals was frozen, dirty and contaminated with feces.
Most cages held multiple rabbits with as many as 10 rabbits crammed in each of multiple cages.

The goats appear to be suffering from an upper respiratory illness.  None of the animals appear to have received any veterinary care.

The rescued rabbits, dogs, and cats were taken to the HSMO shelter in St. Louis City for veterinary care.  The goats, chickens and duck were taken to the HSMO Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.  A disposition hearing will be held December 4.  If custody of the animals is awarded to the HSMO, as many as possible will be made available for adoption.

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  1. That's just sad and scary.

  2. That is so very sad! The really sad thing is that there is probably much more that we don't even know about!

  3. Terrible! My mom's dog Solo was rescued for a terrible hoarding situation in Missouri. My mom reported them, but she doesn't know if anything was ever done or not.

  4. So what is to prevent this person from acquiring more animals in the future? Clearly this person will not stop.

  5. That is so sad and 2browndawgs is right. They can tell her she can't have animals but clearly she's not capable of understanding that.


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