Friday, November 15, 2013

Dog Birthdays, Holiday Teasers, and Comments: Follow-up Friday

 I'm happy to be joining Heart Like a Dog in the follow-up Friday blog hop this week.  This is the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Hosted by FUF creator, Jodi at Heart Like a Dog and co-hosted today by Flea at Jones Natural Chews.

I want to start with a follow-up from the previous week because of a comment JoAnn made on My Tripawd Dog post for Give Cancer the Paw.  JoAnn said:  "... to make it to 14 you were doing something right even when you thought you didn't know what to do."   I should have talked to JoAnn before I published that post because she really nailed the kernel of truth. 

Speaking of good things...  I'm looking forward to a couple of holiday happenings in the blogger community.  The 2nd Annual Christmas Gifts Festival will begin tomorrow on From the Dogs Paw.  Photographer Allen Pearson and his dog, Noah, will be featuring pet themed artists.  For Love of a Dog Jewelry will be included again this year.  It really is not to be missed!  I'm not saying that because For Love of a Dog Jewelry will be included again this year.  I'm saying it because last year I discovered some amazing dog art!

Another super fun holiday event is hosted by Kol's Notes.  Sound trumpets or dog pipers or something for the annual Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers!  Be sure to enter the giveaways.  You could even win a necklace from For Love of a Dog!
For Love of a Dog Jewelry necklace for The Advent Calendar 2013
If you missed My Best Friend by Heidi Winzinger on Dog Song Saturday, fetch it now.  I promise you won't regret having a listen and you'll enjoy the video, too!

Adopt Rosie A Coonhound DogJoAnn said:  What a beautiful girl.  Who wouldn't want her.   Well, unfortunately, plenty of people.  She is still available for adoption.  If you haven't shared her adoption video, please do.

About the Dog Breed Christmas Tree Ornaments - Linda always looks for CBRs ("skunked again" she said) and Holly noted "No FCR's either."  Sorry, ladies.  So many dog breeds, so many color variations, and way too few hours in a day!  In fact, if I do make your favorite dog breed and have it available now, snag it fast.  Many breeds are already sold out and I will not be offering these in the future.  Use this code for a 10% discount and free US shipping:  FLDNEW

About Rosie's birthday party photos - Meghan nailed it:  "It's always great to celebrate a birthday over lots of days!"  Our area is not the most dog friendly and Tractor Supply is the only place in the nearest town that welcomes canine shoppers.  Good thing we agree with Rhythm:  "Tractor Supply is the Best!!" 
Another outtake of my party boy, Rudy

Personally, I love the outtake photos.  I agree with Oz, Rudy and Jeffie couldn't look much cuter and this is now one of my favorite photos of them.   Jeffie is thrilled he made Rita swoon :-)   And Rosie is vastly relieved that I'm not making her wear that hat again!
Rosie thinks birthdays are fun, but exhausting!

Nutro Ultra Dog Treats from - I have to say something I should have said in the review.  Jeffie is my picky eater and really dislikes fruit, but he loves these treats!  And though usually both Jeffie and Rudy defer to (the Queen) Rosie, they could care less if she got her turn at these, EmmaBrian gave me a chuckle with "fun with the yum."  I'm going to steal that!  And I laughed out loud at Kimberly's comment:  "Totally off topic, but when did Rosie get so big? LOL"  
It seems like only yesterday that Rosie was an itty bitty puppy.

Rumpy asked if the Rescue...Pet Products passed the "safe to eat" test.  Yup.  All natural and safe to eat, though surely not in vast quantities.  In fact, Rudy quite enjoyed the peppermint in the paw balm.  

So, what's been happening in your world this past week?  Join the Follow-up Friday bloghop and tell us all about it!


  1. Alright, there must be something hinky going on on the web today because my first comment did not post!

    Great follow-up Sue thank you for joining the blog hop.

    I went back and read your beautiful post on Bennie (how can I be THAT far behind?) it moved me to tears. There is so much we can learn from these beautiful souls. Thank you for sharing his story.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a fun follow up! Really, how do our dogs grow so quickly?

  3. Great follow up! Rita is thrilled that Jeffie is thrilled! :)

  4. Great follow up! I haven't been to the Tractor Supply in our town. I've been to the Orscheln Farm, which is similar, right? BTW, I love Brian's "fun with the yum" comment too. Cute!

  5. Great follow up! I don't know how I missed that cute as picture of Rosie as a wee baby. Fun stuff going on around blogville. To be young and own a dog that has major medical issues is a hard situation to be in. I feel for those people, it's so nice when it works out. I bet your first love pet taught you so much and turned you into a wonderful pet owner then and now! :)

  6. Wow, that is one loaded follow up - had to paw through it twice! Love the Advent giveaways at Kol's Notes!

  7. Thanks for the excellent follow-up. I will just keep checking for


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