Monday, November 18, 2013

EzyDog Element Dog Jacket Product Review

The last couple of winters when I posted photos of my dogs in their coats, a number of people suggested Rudy be a dog model for doggie outer wear.  

Though I'm biased, I do think he looks dog-gone good in his two hand-me-down dog coats.  However, his coat is one that he "inherited" and, though he seems to be pretty confident in his masculinity, the lavender or pink colors are certainly more than a bit feminine.

So when I was offered a new dog coat from EzyDog in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance.
EzyDog Elements Dog Jacket in Scarlet
 Rudy's new coat, a new EzyDog Element Jacket in Scarlet  arrived within a couple of days and it sure is good looking!
Rudy wearing EzyDog Elements Jacket

EzyDog's newly designed Element Dog Jackets have a wind and water proof shell with an inner lining of non-pilling fleece.  They feature a Quick-Fit Neo-Xpand necklace for easy on and off.  Plus there are cam lock slider release buckles for quick adjustment for fit.

Attaching a dog leash to a harness or collar is easy with a waterproof access zipper.

A great safety feature are the side panels of the jacket.  They have light reflective piping for those in-the-dark walks.

Element Dog Jackets are available in two colors:  Sky (blue) and Scarlet (red.)  These jackets are available in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL.  Rudy is wearing an XL and, though I could fit it to be tighter, it still is quite roomy.  I'd say the sizes run a wee bit large.  Prices range from $40 to $75.

I like the sporty look of the EzyDog Element Dog Jacket, plus it is light weight and very easy to put on.  Rudy didn't mind waiting the minute or two it took me to adjust the fit.  Not only is this going to be a terrific coat for winter wear, I think it will come in very handy for those rainy days.

Plus, Rudy seemed very comfortable wearing this dog coat. He's a very active dog and it didn't seem to get in his way at all. 

I'm pleased to give my highest recommendation to EzyDog's Element Dog Jacket:
  • Good size selection
  • Competitively priced
  • Comfortable design for an active dog - light weight and not bulky
  • Good looking
  • Easy to navigate web site
  • Super fast shipping
EzyDog makes a line of products aimed for dogs with an outdoor lifestyle including:  backpacks, bowls, coats, collars, harnesses, car restraints, leashes, life jackets, toys and pet carriers.  They manufacture the Original Shock Absorbing Leash designed for control, comforts and safety of dogs that pull or are in training.

* We received one (1) EzyDog Elements Jacket in exchange for our honest review of their product.  We received no other compensation - financial or otherwise.

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  1. Love that jacket! I currently have been "testing" the EzyDog leash with the shock absorber. We love it It seems EzyDog makes terrierific products!

  2. We have enough fur that we really don't wear jackets, but Bailie may need one this first winter when it is really cold as her fur is still coming in. We tested the easydog leash and loved it.

  3. Love, love, love all the EzyDog products! We have a backpack from there and its the best one ever!

    Rudy looks awesome and comfortable in his coat!

  4. Very nice! I just checked out their dog car harness too. They look nice, but be sure to read their disclaimer regarding safety.

  5. Great review, I think Rudy loves it and seems to be he can move really well in it even when flying.

  6. Oh, that looks very sharp! Luckily we don't really have a need for doggy jackets here! :)

  7. Very cool and stylish looking jacket!

  8. Great modeling and review Rudy! I bet Shiner would like something like this!

  9. Nice jacket! I was looking at those as EzyDog had sent us a Chest plate harness to try out. I still have yet to do my review. But that jacket is very nice!

  10. we have it too and will be reviewing it soon, Dakota's is a little too big but we LOVE THE JACKET as well.

  11. I like this company. We have their Cujo leash and love it. My hubby doesn't think dogs need coats, but I want to walk more in inclement weather (currently snow and rain keep me indoors) so I think it would be great to have coats for the dogs to keep them dry.
    This one is very nice looking, and Rudy really is a great model!

  12. Looks like a great jacket! I love how it is reflective & has the zipper for a collar or harness.

  13. awesome jacket and seemed it's lightweight, but i think my rottie need thicker jackets to keep warm and soft on the inside, especially during winter, thanks for the info


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